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IN THIS UNIT 1 Personality 1.1 PERSONALITY TYPES GRAMMAR • question forms • present simple and present continuous VOCABULARY • personality adjectives • prefixes SCENARIO • giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing, making suggestions • choosing a new team member STUDY SKILLS • taking notes while reading IT WRITING SKILLS • a for and against essay N U ‘My one regret in life is that I am not someone else.’ Woody Allen 1935–, US film-maker, writer and actor E VOCABULARY PRONUNCIATION PL PERSONALITY ADJECTIVES 4a 1.1 Word stress On which part of the compound adjective in 1a Work with a partner to think of as Exercise 3 does the stress fall? Listen and check, then repeat the words. many personality adjectives as you can, e.g. friendly, generous. 4b Match the meanings below with an adjective from Exercise 3. M A person who … 1b Choose three adjectives which you 1 does not easily become angry: even-tempered SA think describe your own personality. 2 is determined to do what they want: 3 is not easily upset or annoyed: 2 Look at these adjectives connected 4 accepts other ideas and opinions: with personality. Which ones are positive, 5 makes a lot of effort: which are negative and which are neutral? 6 believes in their own success: adventurous ambitious assertive 7 behaves in a calm way even in a difficult situation: bossy cautious creative energetic 8 is friendly, kind and generous: likeable moody organised quiet reliable sensible sensitive serious 4c Think of people you know and one or two adjectives to describe each person. Explain why you describe them like this. Give examples. sociable talkative thoughtful LISTENING 3 Match words 1–8 with words a–h to make compound adjectives connected 5a Look at the people in the photos and discuss. What kind of with character. personality do you think each person has? 1 easy- a working 5b 1.2 Listen to the three people talking. Was your description of 2 open- b confident them accurate? A speaks first. 3 even- c going 4 hard- d hearted A B C 5 self- e tempered 6 strong- f willed 7 warm- g headed 8 level- h minded 6 M01_NELL_CB_INT_GLB_8292_U01.indd 6 12/11/2013 12:04 PERSONALITY TYPES 1.1 READING Extroverts and introverts 6a Divide these adjectives into two groups according to personality types. adventurous cautious enthusiastic quiet reserved self-confident talkative thoughtful [<R1.1.1>] Set text as online encyclopaedia entry. 6b Now divide these jobs into two groups according to personality types. Which adjectives from Exercise 6a do you think go with which jobs? Work with a partner and explain your choices. artist salesperson politician engineer teacher inventor manager writer 7a Read the encyclopedia entry quickly and check your id

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