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1 Friends 0 Friends () David Schwimmer: Q&A 0 Question forms. Tense review. Friends Questions with prepositions. Subject 0 Getting to know you () Keeping in touch lifestyLe questions. Adverbs of frequency 0 How people @ Three people talking about keeping Communication communicate in touch with friends 0 Friendship expressions page 4 Anecdote: A friend who is () That was then. This is now 0 Extra Using a dictionary different from you Useful phrases: Meeting friends 0 Fractions and percentages m~Emails unexpectedly 2 Adrenalin 0 Exciting experiences () deadmike.com 0 Present perfect simple. Past simple Experiences and continuous. Comparatives and 0 Sports ~ Three people talking about Sports experiences superlatives Injuries 0 Injuries Anecdote: A time when @ Two people talking about sports 0 Gradable and non-gradable adjectives. page 12 Time expressions. Sports you were in a dangerous! they do exciting situation Useful phrases: Giving advice about 0 Extra Adjectives: exploring synonyms o Describing a city! town complaints or injuries 0 Intonation to show strong feelings m~Story 3 Relationships 0 Personal photos () Who do you carry around? 0 Dynamic and stative meanings. Family Present perfect simple and continuous 0 Family () Twenty-first century dating Dating 0 Firsts @ Two people talking about their 0 Family. Relationships. Describing Character character rela tionships page 20 0 Dating m ~ Informal letter @ Six people talking about their ideal 0 Extra Sounds and spelling partner 0 Word stress () What's your type? Useful phrases: 'Less direct' language Review A Pages 28, 29: Grammar I Vocabulary I Pronunciation review page 28 Pages 30, 31: Reading & Listening. Writing & Speaking • Song: You've Got a Friend 4 Party o Festivals () Las Fallas o Phrasal verbs. Future forms. FestivaLs o New Year @ An interview with someone about Pronouns: etc. anybody, somebody, Newyear o Parties Chinese New Year o Festivals. and Parties do make. Parties page 32 Anecdote: A party you've () How to throw the best party ever o Phrasal verbs Extra been to (and enjoy it!) o Connected speech: gonna, gotta, wanna m ~ Letters of thanks Useful phrases: Inviting; making excuses and apologies 5 Edible 0 Chocolate () Chocolate trivia 0 Countable and uncountable nouns. Food Quantity expressions. used to ! would 0 Describing food ~ Some facts about chocolate Eating 0 Eating habits @ An interview with a person who 0 Partitives: a bar of, a bowl of ... etc. Childhood

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