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International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research (IJETR) ISSN: 2321-0869, Volume-3, Issue-3, March 2015 A Survey on Recent Technologies in Concentrated Solar Power Generation P. Mahesh, Y. Venkatrami Reddy, D. Sreedhar  Solar energy falls on the surface of the earth at a rate of 120 Abstract— There are many sources of energy that are petawatt, (1 petawatt=1015watt). This means all the solar renewable and considered to be environmentally friendly and energy received from the sun in one day can satisfied the harness natural processes. These sources of energy provide an whole world’s demand for more than 20 years [16]. alternate ‘cleaner’ source of energy. Now a day’s Solar Energy Renewable energy technologies can help countries meet their placing vital role in Power Generation. Solar power is one the major source that is available plenty in the earth. We are policy goals for secure, reliable and affordable energy to developing electrical power from solar energy through photo expand electricity access and promote development. There voltaic cells and concentrated solar power technologies. There is are several kinds of solar techniques that are currently a high capacity of sun light but major problems in converting available [12]. However, each of them is based on quite and storing solar power efficiently. We have to increase the different concepts and science non-concentrated photovoltaic efficiency of converting solar power and make it economical. solar panels or Cells (PV) and concentrated solar power After a system has been established, it will be very difficult to (CSP) are the two most mature technologies. They have been upgrade the systems or change the operation methods. In order commercialized and expected to experience rapid growth in to choose the right solar system for a specific geographic the future, thus our emphasis will be on these two location, we want to understand and compare the basic mechanisms and general operation functions of several technologies. The basic idea of photovoltaic effects is simple. concentrated solar power technologies that are widely studied. Electrons will emit from matter (metals and non-metallic This paper not only tells about the fast developing solar solids, liquids or gases) as a result of their absorption of technologies industry, but also may help us avoid long term energy from electromagnetic radiation of very short switching cost in the future and make the solar systems wavelength, such as visible or ultraviolet light. Electrons performance more efficient, economical and stable. emitted in this manner may be referred to as "photoelectrons". First observed by Heinrich Hertz in 1887, the phenomenon is Index Terms— Renewable energy, Solar Power, also known as the "Hertz effect" [8] – [10]. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technologies, Cost analysis, Parabolic trough Collectors, Linear Fresnel Collectors, Solar Major types of photovoltaic panels are Crystalline Silicon, Tower, Parabolic Dish Reflectors Thin Films (Amorphous Silicon) but this technology is an old technology by using this technology we can’t generate large I. INTRODUCTION amount of power so to generate large amount of power we go The study of renewable energy sources has been of global for concentrated solar power methods [14]. In this paper, the concern to the world, and has led many institutions to various technologies employed for generating large amount of undertake research on sustainable approach to meet the power to corresponding technology gives clear idea about challenges of sustainable energy generation. Renewable concentrated solar power techniques. For this purpose, in energy is a clean energy system that has no effect during or

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