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LAT A Collection of Cartoons, 1984-1991 An expression of gratitude to the main contributors of this Lat collection coffee table book:- ~ Syed Anuar Syed Ali ~ George Wong ~ Liz Tan Li Xin ~ Madeline Stella Joseph Published by AmBank Group Group Corporate Communications Copyright © AmBank Group, 2012. First edition, June, 2012. All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the Publisher. Brief text quotations for review purposes are exempted. The Publisher disclaims all liability to any person arising from the printing, sale or use of the materials in this publication. Every effort has been made to ensure that information contained in this publication is correct at the time of printing. The Publisher is not responsible for any consequence in accuracy or omission. Text, creative & pre-press Digital Impressions Sdn Bhd Print production Superior Press Sdn Bhd LATA Collection of Cartoons, 1984-1991 A parade of AmBank Group’s products and services, branding, customer experiences, greeting cards and lifestyle, each bore a stamp of the tongue-in-cheek trademark that is Lat. This disposition perfectly meshes with AmBank Group’s cutting edge, yet fresh and down-to-earth personality. FLEXILOAN Facility Advertisement featuring the attractive benefits of the FLEXILOAN. First appeared in The Star on 20 September, 1988, then subsequently in The Star, 22 February, 1990 and the issue of Berita AmBank Group in September, 1988. Contents 04 Preface by Tan Sri Azman Hashim 07 Foreword by Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid (LAT) 10 Prologue 11 Products & Services 29 Group Branding 41 Festive Greetings 57 Life at the Bank Season’s Greetings 1985 Festive caricature featuring Tan Sri Azman Hashim and members of the senior management in Berita AmBank Group in December, 1985. 4 A Collection of Cartoons, 1984-1991 Preface I have pleasure in presenting AmBank Group’s (back then known as the Arab-Malaysian Banking Group) very own collection of LAT’s cartoons. LAT, whose real name is Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, is Malaysia’s leading cartoonist. Through his humorous and yet sometimes critical observations of the typical Malaysian way of life, he has captured the hearts of not only Malaysians from all walks of life but also gained international recognition. In a somewhat unconventional move on our part as a banking and financial group, LAT was commissioned to produce cartoons for our product advertisements. We have, through these cartoons, been able to show the various personalities of the Group and events occurring during the time when we were known as Arab-Malaysian in a light-hearted manner. With LAT’s subtle but effective means of getting a message across, not only have we been able to give a new meaning to local bank advertising but the cartoons have also brought a smile to everyone of us. ‘The Many Faces Of Azman Hashim’ At a celebration of Tan Sri’s wedding anniversary-cum- 50th birthday, a booklet entitled “The Many Faces of Azman Hashim” featuring Lat’s caricatures of Tan Sri Azman in various humorous guises: from a Japanese in traditional costume, being dressed in a ‘vesti’ (Indian national costume), a guitar-slinging cowboy on a camel, and even a satay-seller! These images first appeared in Berita AmBank Group in June, 1990. A Collection of Cartoons, 1984-1991 5 Through his simple cartoon caricatures, Malaysian scenes have been portrayed in a lighter vein. I am pleased to note that LAT’s understanding and insight into human nature, as portrayed by his characters, caught the eye of many of our customers back then. I hope that the cartoons in this book will evoke many fond memories and many smiles from you! Tan Sri Azman Hashim Chairman AmBank Group Kuala Lumpur June, 2012 6 A Collection of Cartoons, 1984-1991 A Collection of Cartoons, 1984-1991 7 Foreword Looking at the collection of the cartoons again now, I am reminded of the many happy moments from 1984 to 1991 when I worked closely with Tan Sri Azman Hashim and the banking group to capture snapshots, if you will, of the Group in action, a

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