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HCV Elimination Day Mini Policy Summit Eliminating HCV in Greece HCV Elimination Day / Mini HCV Policy Summit Welcome Chair: Georgios Kyrtsos, Member of the European Parliament Co-Chair: Angelos Hatzakis, Co-Chair of Hepatitis B&C Public Policy Association Moderator: George Kalamitsis, Chair of the Hellenic Liver Patient Association “Prometheus” HCV Elimination Day / Mini HCV Policy Summit Georgios Kyrtsos Member of the European Parliament HCV Elimination Day / Mini HCV Policy Summit Angelos Hatzakis Co-chair of Hepatitis B&C Public Policy Association Presentation of the Hepatitis B & C Public Policy Association and the Elimination Manifesto ANGELOS HATZAKIS Professor of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School Co-Chair, Hepatitis B & C Public Policy Association HCV Elimination Mini Policy Summit “Eliminating HCV in Greece”, Hosted by MEP G. Kyrtsos European Parliament, 22 November 2017 Viral hepatitis involves several Policy Areas Health Policy (vaccination, diagnosis, screening, prevention, treatment) HBV policy Social Policy Civil Liberties (adoption, pregnancy, Policy schools, institutionalized (migration, travel) living, drug abuse) Aims 1. To contribute and advocate for the development of European strategies against HBV and HCV. 2. To monitor and support the implementation of this strategy at European and national level. 3. To promote the WHO global strategy for elimination of viral hepatitis. 4. To contribute to the communication and actions of hepatitis stakeholders. Directors • Prof. Angelos Hatzakis, Co-Chair, Athens University Medical School (Greece) • Prof. Michael Manns, Co-Chair, Hannover Medical School (Germany) • Prof. Rafael Esteban, Co-Chair, Vall d’Hebron University (Spain) • Prof. George Papatheodoridis, Treasurer, Athens University Medical School (Greece) Members • Prof. Maria Buti, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (Spain) • Dr. Manuel Carballo, International Centre for Migration and Health (ICMH) (Switzerland) • Prof. Massimo Colombo, Clinical and Research Center Humanitas, Rozzano (Italy) • Prof. Antonio Craxi, University of Palermo (Italy) • Prof. Patrick Marcellin, APHP University of Paris (France) • Prof. Pierre van Damme, Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board & University of Antwerp (Belgium) • Prof. Harry Janssen, UHN Liver Clinic, Toronto Western Hospital (Canada) Members (continued) • Prof. Markus Peck-Radosavljevic, Medical University Vienna (Austria) • Nurdan Tozun, Acibadem University (Turkey) • Heiner Wedemeyer, Hannover Medical School (Germany) • Prof. Gamal Esmat, Cairo University Medical School • Dr. David Goldberg, Health Protection (Scotland) • Prof. Mark Thursz, Imperial College (London) • Mr. Michael Ninburg, Hepatitis Education Project (US) • Prof. Laurent Castera, University of Paris (France) • Dr. Ricardo Baptista-Leite, Member of the Portuguese Parliament • Mr. George Kalamitsis, NGO “Prometheus”, Athens, (Greece) • Prof. Jeffrey Lazarus, University of Copenhagen, (Denmark) Affiliate Member • Nikos Dedes, EATG, NGO “Positive Voice” (Greece) Corporate Secretary • Ann Fox Summit Conferences and High Level Meetings 1. Summit Conference “Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Europe” , under auspices of Belgian EU Presidency Brussels, October 2010 2. Summit Conference “Hepatitis B and C in Mediterranean and Balkan Countries”, under the auspices of the Cyprus EU Presidency Nicosia – Cyprus, December 2012 3. High-Level Meeting “Economic crisis and healthcare – ensuring access to public health services: the case of hepatitis B and C”, under the auspices of the Greek EU Presidency and the Greek Ministries of Health and of Foreign Affairs Athens, June 2014 4. 1st EU HCV Policy Summit “Hepatitis C: The beginning of the end - key elements for successful European and national strategies to eliminate HCV in Europe Brussels, February 2016 Each Summit was attended by 140-180 delegates from 26-28 countries 2nd HCV Policy Summit on the elimination of hepatitis C in Europe by 2030 “Securing sustainable funding for hepatitis elimination plans” 2018, Brussels • On 17 February, the first EU HCV Policy Summit provided for a successful platform to initiate a campaign calling for the El

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