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GPS Vehicle tracker (GPS+GSM+SMS/GPRS) User Manual (Version 5.0N) This user manual has been specially designed to guide you through the functions and features of your GPS vehicle tracker. 1. Accessories: ▶ Device ▶ Power cord ▶ Relay ▶ Microphone ▶ SOS alarm cable & button ▶ User Manual 2. Specifications Dimension 106(L) x 54(W) x 16(H) mm Weight 96g Backup Battery 450mAh / 3.7V -25℃-60℃ Operation Temperature Humidity 5% - 95% Standby Time 60hours GSM Frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS Class 12 GPS Channel 20 GPS Sensitivity -159dBm Acquisition Sensitivity -144dBm Position Accuracy 10m Cold Start: <38s Warm Start:<15s TTFF (Open Sky) Hot Start:<2s GSM/GPS Antenna Built-in design LED Indicator GSM-green, GPS-blue, Power-red Data Transmit TCP, SMS Geo-fence View any existing Geo-fence in the map Speeding Alarm Report when speeds higher than the pre-set value. Low Power Alarm Alarm when backup battery is running out Non-movement Detection Movement alarm based on built-in 3D motion sensor Mileage Report Track by time/distance interval Remote Control Cut off petrol/electricity 3. LED Indications GPS LED Indicator - Blue Flashing (interval 0.1s) Searching GPS signal Solid blue GPS fix OFF No GPS fix or initializing GSM LED Indicator - Green Quick flashing (interval 0.1s) GSM initializing Slow flashing (flash 0.1s every 2s) Receive GSM signal normally Solid green Connected to GSM network OFF No GSM signal Power Status - Red Flashing (interval 0.1s) Low battery Slow flashing (interval 0.2s) Full charge Slow flashing (flash 0.1s every 2s) Normal operating Solid Red Charging OFF Low battery/Power off Ignition detection indication: three LED indicators take turns flashing. 4. Getting Started Please follow below instructions for ensuring safe and correct use. 4.1 Install the SIM card Place the SIM card into the device with the gold-colored side facing down. Note: Make sure there is enough credit on the SIM card. If you will be using the GPRS function, you should pay attention to the current SIM card GPRS charge. 4.2 Install the device You need to choose somewhere that it won't be found, because the whole point of fitting covert GPS vehicle tracker is the secrecy element. Installation please refers to below picture. NOTE: 1. Any high power devices such as reversing radar, anti-theft device or communication equipment would affect the signal of the device. 2. All metallic cases of the windshield will attenuate the signal on the tracking device. It’s simply due to the shielding effects of the metal compound of the case. 4.3 Wiring configuration Line No. Specification Color Instruction 1. 2 Keypod Orange / Orange Connect to SOS button 3. 4 MIC-,MIC+ Black / Red Connect to Microphone 5 TX Green Sending data (TX) / backup 6 RX White Receiving data (RX) / backup 7 GND Black Ground wire 8 MOTOR Yellow Connect to relay control line 9 ACC White Connect to ACC ignition 10 V- Black(thick) Negative side of 12V/24V 11 V+ Red(thick) car storage battery. Notes of the relay wiring The relay wiring of pump: oil connectors of both ends are a fine white line (85) and a fine yellow line (86). The fine white line (85) is connected to vehicle positive power (+12V). The fine yellow line is connected to the device relay control line. Cut off the positive connection line of the pump; then connect in series to the relay N.C. contact (thick green line 87a) and the other end to relay COM contact (thick green line 30). 4.4 Device wiring diagram Please choose the right relay (12V-standard / 24V-optional) for the proper installation. 4.5 Power/ACC/Tele-cutoff(petrol/electricity) control line (4 pin) 1. Your device comes with a power cord and is designed to use only manufacturer-specified original device. The red line is positive while the black one is negative (the side should not be connect with ground wire). 2. The ACC line (white) connects to ACC switch of the vehicle. Please be sure to connect the ACC line; otherwise the device will enter ignition detection status when disconnect the ACC line. If you don’t need to anti-theft temporarily, just con

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