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PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE GSR SERIES ROAD BLOCKERS GateSet’s new release GSR Series High Impact Rated Hydraulic Road Blockers are designed to meet K12 level impact resistance. With its powerful hydraulic unit Gate- Set GSR Series Road Blockers provide reliable solutions for securing sensitive areas against ram attacks. Suitable for high frequency heavy duty operation, GSR Series Road Blockers provide solid protection in areas that require high security, while maintaining its aesthetic line thanks to its continuously evolving modern design. SECURITY SYSTEMS ROAD BLOCKERS GATESET SECURITY SYSTEMS www.gateset.com.tr export@gateset.com.tr Cihannüma Mah. Barbaros Bulvarı Cad. No: 49/12, Beşiktaş 34353 – Istanbul / TURKEY 00 90 212 227 8020 00 90 549 4283 738 GATE S E T FEATURED CHARACTERISTICS GSR SERIES ROAD BLOCKERS SMOOTH AND SAFE WEDGE DESIGN HEAVY DUTY OPERATION Blocking wedge is designed to leave no offsets at Designed for intense industrial usage with 100% Duty any edge, which is extremely dangerous and can Cycle, by powerful HPU, strong wedge and durable cause severe injuries as well as system malfunctions hydraulic lift pistons. With its 4 kW powerful motor due to foreign object (stone etc.) jamming during GSR Series are capable to complete up or down operation movement in 3-4 seconds without any limitation of daily usage. HEAVY GAUGE STRUCTURE SPEED CONTROL & POSITION SENSING Road Blocker Structure is made out of heavy gauge GSR Series possess the two most advanced features of material. Underground case is 4mm 100x100 the blockers which extends the usage life of the system: square profile. Inside the blocking wedge, A bars Position Detection with weather proof proximity limit NEW with 100 mm thick nails presses the case at up and sensors which immediately stops the motor operation. down position, enhancing impact resistance and Descending Speed at Closing and Opening Points axle load bearing capacity. which provides a silent operation. HIGH IMPACT RESISTANCE FLEXIBLE AND RELIABLE GSR Series Blockers are designed by using the Ease of integration with all access control equipment cutting-edge manufacturing computer technology to through its Schneider SR2 A201BD PLC unit meet K12 level of DOS SD-STD-02.01 standards. which possess 12 Inputs and 8 Outputs. Computer aided element tests have proved that GSR All electronic equipment are Schneider branded Series withstands an impact force of 7,500 kg @ 80 with the highest reliability available in the market. km/h PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE GSR SERIES VARIATIONS GSR SERIES Blocking Length 2000 mm Blocking Length: From 2000 to 6000 mm Blocking Height: From 800 to 1000 mm Example of Models and Associated Dimensions as Below: 800 mm Blocking Blocking # of Lift MODEL # Length Height Piston GSR 2050 2000 500 1 GSR 2080 * Blocking Length: 2000 mm Blocking Height GSR 2080 2000 800 1 * Blocking Height: 800 mm GSR 3080 3000 800 2 * 1 Heavy Duty Lift Piston GSR 3100 3000 1000 2 GSR 4080 4000 800 2 GSR 4090 4000 900 2 GSR 6080 6000 800 2 Blocking Length Max: 5000 mm GSR 6100 6000 1000 2 800 mm GSR 4080 * Blocking Length: 4000 m

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