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1:400 Scale Custom Airport (AD-Custom-400) Thank you for purchasing the 1:400 Scale Custom Airport. I know you will be pleased with the final product. Before you get started, here is a list of what you’ll need: • Paper. For best results I recommend using a High Quality Matte Photo Paper; the thicker the paper, the better • X-Acto knife, with extra blades • Cutting board • Metal ruler • Glue stick • Handy Tak reusable adhesive (or equivalent – office supply store) • Tape • Extra capacity ink cartridge for printer • Latest version of Adobe Reader (you can download it here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html) www.airport-diorama-designs.com 1 1:400 Scale Custom Airport (AD-Custom-400) This product consists of a set of pieces to build a Custom Airport Diorama. The pieces have been organized as follows: Airplane Pads There are two types of airplane pads: Large and Small. The large pads will accommodate a 747, 767, 777 A300, A340, A380, L-1011, DC-10, MD-11, or a Concorde-SST. The small pads will accommodate a 727, 737, 757, or an A320. There are 9 different versions of the Large pads available, and 18 different versions of the Small pads. There is also one page with gate numbers that can be printed on a self adhesive paper, and the gate numbers can be cut and applied to the pads. Runway Left The Left side of the runway consist of an end piece (7 versions available with different numbers), and 8 tiles that comprise the landing left side. There are also two types of taxiway entries to the runway, left side. Runway Center The Center runway tile can be printed as needed to achieve the desired runway length. These tiles will be located between the Left and Right side of the runway. There are also three types of taxiway entries to the runway, center. Runway Right The Right side of the runway consist of an end piece (7 versions available with different numbers), and 8 tiles that comprise the landing right side. There are also two types of taxiway entries to the runway, right side. Runway Optional A couple of optional tiles: Runway end piece (with or without lights), and Runway Hold with yellow line. Services These are the pieces for all types of airport services, such as: Cargo Complex, Fuel Depot, Commuter Terminal, Main Parking, Parking for Cars, Parking for cars & Trucks. www.airport-diorama-designs.com 2 1:400 Scale Custom Airport (AD-Custom-400) Tarmac These are several tiles for creating the general Airport Tarmac. There are several tiles with road markings in different configurations, and center grassy islands. Taxiway These are a couple of optional taxiway hold markings, and a set of runway entrance markings to be cut and applied to the runway entries. Yellow Line These are a set of tiles with yellow line markings in different configurations. There are enough runway tiles for the following runway configurations: 34-16, 34R-16L, 34L-16R, 16R-34L, 16L-34R 39-21, 39R-21L, 39L-21R, 21R-39L, 21L-39R 48-30, 48R-30L, 48L-30R, 30R-48L, 30L-48R The completed diorama can be mounted on a standard sheet of plywood, or Styrofoam. The Styrofoam is sturdy enough, and a lot lighter. You can find Styrofoam sheets at your local home center store, in the insulation isle. www.airport-diorama-designs.com 3 1:400 Scale Custom Airport (AD-Custom-400) To print the tiles, use the following settings: 1. Click on Print, then click on the Properties button next to the printer name, and set the printer properties to match the type of paper to be used, and set the printing quality to the highest setting. NOTE: The resolution on the computer screen is not as good as the resolution of the printed material. 2. Set Page scaling to NONE. 1. VERY IMPORTANT: Click on the Advanced button and select “Print as image” on the Advanced Print Setup screen. You MUST do this to prevent the printing process from hanging when the printer tries to “flatten” the image. www.airport-diorama-designs.com 4 1:400 Scale Custom Airport (AD-Custom-400) After the tiles are printed, use the “crop marks” on each page to guide you in cutting the tiles. Do not cut all the way across the paper because you will lose the final crop mark. Instead, cut in between the marks, creating a sort of frame around the tile. The tile should just pop-out (see picture below). Once you are happy with the layout, start gluing the tiles to

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