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Sidewinder Key Bitting ( 2014 Edition ( This reference may be used as an aid when duplicating, decoding, and originating keys, as well as understanding master/valet functionality and diagnosing problems associated with worn or badly cut keys. Sidewinder keys may generally be decoded by sight if the general characteristics for the specific key type are understood. Lishi numbers are listed where applicable, as they have become the common way to refer to a specific key/lock format. ~ INDEX ~ PAGE 1 - MERCEDES 2-Track 10-Cut OLD M MERCEDES 2-Track 10-Cut NEW M MERCEDES 13 -Cut M MERCEDES 4-Track 2 - LEXUS 16-cut M LEXUS 10-cut M LEXUS 8-cut 3 - HYUNDAI / KIA 12-cut M HYUNDAI 2-Track Right M HYUNDAI 2-Track Left M HYUNDAI 7-cut 4 - BMW Motorcycle M DUCATI / PIAGGIO / KTM/ APRILLA / MOTO GUZZI Motorcycle 5 - SAAB 2-Track M SAAB 4-Track M SUBARU 6 - PONTIAC GTO M PONTIAC G8 / CHEVROLET Caprice M INFINITI Q45 M HONDA 7 - RANGE ROVER 4-Track M BMW 4-Track M BMW / ROVER / MINI COOPER 2-Track M BMW 2-Track NEW FORMAT 8 - VOLVO 4-Track OLD M VOLVO 4-Track NEW M VOLVO 2-Track M VOLKSWAGEN / AUDI / PORSCHE 9 - FORD / JAGUAR / LAND ROVER / VOLVO 2-Track M FORD 2-Track 7-cut M GM 8-Cut M GM 10-Cut 10 - FIAT M SMART CAR 11 - Coding Original Sidewinder Keys - Using Depth Keys 12 - Coding Original Sidewinder Keys - Using Pattern Keys SIDEWINDER KEY TERMINOLOGY SIDEWINDER KEY - An automotive key of which LEFT / RIGHT TRACK - Think of the track designation as the bitting is a wavy groove milled in the side of the side it is always on with the key clamped in a key machine. the blade. Note: Use of the term "Sidewinder" Alternately, Instacode refers to these as Side A and Side B. dates to the early 1980's when these locks were new to the automotive industry, but the term LEFT RIGHT is a point of contention. Various sources may also TRACK TRACK use alternate terms such as Track Key, Laser Key or Side Mill Key. LASER CUT - A method of key bitting that removes the steeples between adjacent cuts. TRACK - The contiguous bitting surface of a sidewinder key. WEB - The uncut center wall of the blade, expressed as a thickness dimension. SPLIT WAFER - A wafer tumbler that does not completely surround the key blade, typically 4-TRACK 2-TRACK 4-TRACK with two tumblers for each bitting position. EXTERNAL CUT This means each tumbler of a pair contacts INTERNAL CUT alternate tracks of the same space position. ASP refers to these as Half Tumblers. RIGHT / LEFT FORMAT - Full wafers with the tumbler contact opposite the spring tab are most often considered Right format, and tumblers with the contact on the same side of the spring tab are Left format. This convention is found where tumblers are marked R or L by a few manufacturers, and is also in accordance with ASP designations. Locks produced domestically by Strattec for Ford and GM use opposite designations from the above convention. SPLIT WAFERS Right Left 2004 - Greg N. Brandt, CML Rev. Mar '14 Sidewinder Key Bitting 2014 Edition MERCEDES 2-Track 10-Cut OLD FORMAT - To '93 NOTE: Keys manufactured by Huf DEPTHS .098" 1 - .154" .188 .278 .367 .457 .546 .636 .725 .815 .904 STOP

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