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GE Oil & Gas Centrifugal & Axial Compressors GE Centrifugal & Axial Compressors 3 Tradition, Experience and Innovation 4 Types and Characteristics 6 MCL / V series 8 BCL, RB, VH series 9 PCL series 10 SRL Integrally Geared series 11 SRL / DH series 12 Blowers D series 13 Axial Compressors AN series 14 Compressor Components 18 Oil and Gas Seal Systems 19 Control Systems 20 Test Facilities 21 Service 22 Training 23 Exploration and Production, Floating Production Units, LNG 24 Pipeline and Storage 25 Refinery and Petrochemicals 26 Compressor Specifications 27 Product Line Range 2 GE Centrifugal & Axial Compressors Tradition, Experience and Innovation GE’s Oil & Gas Business manufactures a complete range of centrifugal compressors for all major compression applications. They are used in oil & gas production, gas transportation, refinery and petrochemical industries, fuel gas boosting and other similar processes. We hold the record of key milestones for centrifugal compressor applications having designed and manufactured the first high pressure compressors for ammonia and urea plants, the most powerful compressors for offshore applications (over 30,000 HP) and re-injection compressors with delivery pressures as high as 10,000 psi (700 bar). Specific requirements are met by custom configuring each compressor using standardized advance technology components proven over a wide range of process conditions. This approach delivers reliable, high performance compressors for natural gas, refinery, petrochemical, GTL and LNG applications. A highly skilled staff of local engineers and technicians provides on-site technical support for installation, commissioning, overhaul, repair and maintenance of our equipment. Extensive research and development, advanced design procedures, modern manufacturing techniques and first hand on-site experience in compressor operation are behind the success achieved by our compressors. 3 GE Centrifugal & Axial Compressors Types and Characteristics Horizontally-split compressors Vertically-split barrel compressors Pipeline compressors Used primarily for low and medium pressure Used primarily for high pressure applications Used for low and medium pressure ratio applications in ethylene and fertilizer plants such as ammonia, urea and methanol pipeline service and in recycle applications refineries, LNG for refrigeration, air synthesis, refinery recycle, natural gas such as those performed in methanol plants, compression, etc. compression and injection and hazardous etc. gases. Propane Compressor for Qatar LNG Plant BCL 405/C Re-injection Compressor offshore Pipeline Centrifugal Compressor PCL 603 installation North Sea 4 GE Centrifugal & Axial Compressors Axial compressors Single stage overhung compressors Integrally geared compressors Used for low pressure, high flow applications Used as boosters or recycle compressors in Used for low and medium pressure air, steam such as catalytic cracking plants, air service, many petrochemical applications, such as and inert gas, and fuel gas service and in air separation, LNG, nitric acid and GTL polyethylene, polypropylene, ethylene oxide, petrochemical applications. applications. chlorine, sulfuric acid plants, MVR. Mixed Refrigerant DH Single Stage overhung SRL 603 for Air + Carbon Compressor for LNG Plant compressor for API 617 Monoxide - Belgium applications

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