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KELLEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Fall 2015 Issue No. 22 The Department of Accounting Jim Wahlen chair of the department of accounting Dear Friends of the Accounting Department, Greetings from the beautiful campus of Indiana University–Bloomington. This letter may seem to some like unabashed boastfulness—and I am okay with that. We have had a GREAT year, and I am so very proud of our team and all of their accomplishments. We had a very successful year in recruiting new faculty members. We face a very competitive market for the top talent in new accounting faculty from the best Ph.D. programs in the country. We were fortunate in hiring three outstanding new assistant professors—Ayung Tseng from Columbia, Joe Pacelli from Cornell, and Brian Williams from Oregon. You can learn more about these new members of our team in this issue. We also had a successful year in producing Ph.D. students. Nathan Marshall accepted a faculty position at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Jane Barton joined the faculty at Baruch College in New York. We were also an extremely productive group this past year (like most years). Our faculty either published or received acceptance letters for twenty-one articles in top-tier journals. In terms of publishing in the highest level scholarly IN THIS ISSUE journals, we are among the most productive departments in the world. On the teaching front, 13 accounting department faculty were nominated for Indiana University New Faculty  2 Trustees Teaching Awards. Six of our colleagues received these very prestigious awards. Two members of our department received Teaching Excellence Awards from the students in the MBA Faculty Spotlight   3 Program. Notably, Jamie Pratt also became the first member of the accounting department to receive the “Blacconiere Teaching Award,” given by the students in the MBA Program, in honor Ph.D. Student Placements  4 of our dear departed colleague Walt Blacconiere. That award recognizes the faculty member who generated the greatest engagement with students both within and outside the classroom. Alumni Spotlights  5-7 To help you further appreciate these awards, accomplishments, and productivity, understand Business School Renovation  8 that all of this happened in a difficult work environment. During the 2014–15 school year, our entire floor and offices, and many of our classroom spaces, went through major renovations. Undergraduate Program  9 We were required to vacate our offices twice, and moved into three different temporary office facilities around campus. In our offices, we were often working with/around/under Graduate Accounting Programs  10 ongoing construction. Our faculty is now very familiar with distinguishing HVAC duct work from high vs. low voltage wiring from hot vs. cold plumbing. This is not to complain; we are Field Consulting Projects  11 delighted by the results of the renovations. Our new offices, conference and collaboration rooms, and classroom spaces are now world-class and well worth all of the disruption. Our Students Gain Real-World Experience  12 renovated facilities will provide a fantastic work environment for many years to come. Huge thanks to all of my colleagues and our terrific support staff—Gina, Christy, and Jennifer—for AAA Innovation in Education Award  13 handling this past year’s difficulties and disruptions with grace and professionalism. GASB PTA Program  14 This is a very exciting time for our department. We have the strongest team of faculty, staff, students, and programs in my entire time at Kelley—and now we have world- Research Seminar Series  15 class office and teaching spaces as well! I have very high expectations that our team will continue to deliver outstanding teaching and professional development for our Research Highlights 16-17 students, as well as state-of-the-art insights for our profession from our research. Teaching Highlights & Course Development: 18 Thank you for all of your support. Best regards, BAP & SAS  19 Jim Wahlen James R. Hodge Chair

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