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Lupolen HDPE used in PE-X pipes Ultimate pipe performance through cross-linking lyondellbasell.com About LyondellBasell LyondellBasell Industries is one of the world’s largest polymers, petrochemicals and fuels companies. We are the global leader in polyolefins technology, production and marketing; a pioneer in propylene oxide and derivatives; and a significant producer of fuels and refined products, including biofuels. Headquartered in LyondellBasell is dedicated to ongoing The Netherlands, LyondellBasell research and development programs that has combined annual revenues meet the ever-changing requirements of approximately $50 billion* of our diverse customers, including the and more than 15,000 creation of new catalysts, processes employees worldwide. and products. Our materials are used in virtually every market to manufacture Our vertically integrated countless goods and products that facilities, broad product portfolio, enhance quality of life for people around manufacturing flexibility, superior the world. From fresh food packaging, technology base and reputation clean fuels and durable textiles to for operational excellence medical applications, construction allow us to deliver exceptional materials and automotive parts, the value to our customers across uses for LyondellBasell materials are the petrochemical chain – from almost unlimited. refining through to advanced product applications. At LyondellBasell, we clearly recognize Adding value for customers the importance of being a responsible Customers in the pipe industry, corporate citizen in our communities. including steel pipe coating companies, We are committed to operating our are served by a dedicated team businesses with the highest principles which offers benefits that provide of integrity, ethics and corporate a competitive advantage. responsibility, as well as the highest standards of health, safety and High market reputation environmental performance. Experience Quality of products, services and people Leadership in technology and innovation Global Pipe, Industrial Sheet and Pipe Coating business unit, with sales and technical service teams in Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific *Based on 2008 revenues Cover left picture: Underfloor heating, PE-Xc. Courtesy of Hewing; Cover right picture: Big PE-Xa pipe. Courtesy of Golan 2 Experience and long-term commitment Over the past four decades, HDPE products for hot water pipe applications have been steadily replacing traditional materials such as copper. It all began more than 35 years ago with Lupolen HDPE used in cross-linked pipe (PE-X). Since that time, LyondellBasell has been the leading supplier of materials used in the manufacture of hot water pipe made from cross-linked polyethylene (PE‑X). Beginning with underfloor heating, continuing with sanitary pipe and moving into anti-freeze pipe applications, producers of PE-X pipe have been selecting Lupolen high density polyethylene for decades. In 1968, inventor Thomas Engel patented a process that used

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