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June 2017 Edition 3 Ford of Europe Retail Look and Style Showroom Guide Ford Retail Look and Style - FoE Point of Sale Hardware Programme - June 2017 Table of contents Supplier reference 1. Introduction 3-6 1 Amtico 2. Ford Retailer 7-16 2 APS Group 3. FordStore 17-60 3 Bouncepad 4. Vignale 61-102 4 Glimma 5. Ford Approved – Used Vehicle 103-108 5 Philips Lighting 6. CV Transit Centres 109-114 6 Service Graphics 7. Business Centres 115-116 7 Snap-on 8. Exterior Designs 117-120 8 Solus Ceramics 9. Lighting 121-130 9 Trilux 10. Multi-Franchise 131-140 10 Visotec 11. Supplier List 141-147 11 Vitra 12 We Are Leach 13 Zetweka Above and on page 142 are the approved Ford of Europe suppliers. Throughout this guide hardware items are shown next to the relevant supplier number, for ease of reference. Where this is not shown any local supplier may be used (we recommend you review this with your local National Sales Company or Ford Representative. June 2017 Introduction 1 Dear Dealer Principal, This Showroom Guide explains how to deliver a fresh, engaging retail experience for your customers. It’s a key element in our strategy to ensure everyone notices that “Ford is doing things differently”. Complemented by exciting digital innovation, the interior hardware elements and the way they create clearly identified zones in the Dealership have researched well with your customers. The additions to this guide include new compelling revenue generating programmes such as Used Cars and Business Centres. The Supplier Guide at the back is the easy way to identify and source the correct, Ford approved showroom hardware. Jon Williams Vice President, Sales Operations Ford of Europe 3 Understanding the Ford Franchise (as explained in this guide): Levels Levels Car Commercial Vehicles Level 1 FordStores (including Vignale) Level 1 Transit Centres - always required for a FordStore Level 2 Ford Retailers Level 2 Commercial Vehicle Sales: CV Centres/ (sometimes referred to as “Tier 1”) Transit Centres may be part of a FordStore, Level 3 Ford Service Ford Retailer or a separate site Revenue opportunities ■ Our sincere thanks to all Dealers who helped us to create this guide. ■ Business Centres ■ All details are correct at time of printing and subject to ■ Ford Approved – Used Vehicle change. ■ Accessories

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