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IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Family 9 What’s New Overview – v9.0.0 to v9.0.3 June 2016 General Use IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook 9 Provides a user experience where a novice user can quickly gain an understanding of, and easily access, the capabilities needed to perform the analytical tasks required in their role Delivers a new, more modern user interface utilizing a ‘ribbon style’ that intuitively groups capabilities according to workflow NEW ANALYTICS! Drastically cut the time to identify potential key items within a network with new ‘List Most Connected’ feature and identify possible intermediaries in networks with ‘Find Connecting Networks’** Improved workflow with enhanced and simplified experience that helps to reduce the number of operations required for common user interactions ** Find Connected Networks added in i2 Analyst’s Notebook 8.9.11 Version 9.0.0 3 The all new i2 Analyst’s Notebook Ribbon based UI Visual Comparison to i2 Analyst’s Notebook 8 Intuitive User Experience for Novice to Proficient Users Cleaner, clearer, more intuitive interface – Intuitive for novices, quicker access for proficient users Task contextual ribbon tabs – common commands grouped by task Progressive help - overview to detailed help as the user requires User configurable interface – Configure common functions for always available access Improved multi monitor support - Provides increased chart real estate Personalised User Interface - Toolbars Users can dock toolbars to any side of the application, or float and drag them around to other positions or onto other monitor screens Personalised User Interface – Quick Access Tools Frequently used functions can be made readily available on the user customizable Quick Access Toolbar Quick Access Status Bar Frequently needed commands such as • Fit to Window • Fit Selection to Window • Show All (inc. Hidden Items status) are now available directly by clicking on buttons on the Status Bar Analyst’s Notebook 9 Task Specific Ribbons Analyst’s Notebook 9 Home Ribbon Tab Single click access to specific chart item data points (Attributes, Cards, Data Home tab included most Records) in Chart Item frequently used functions Properties Single place of access for data acquisition (connected data sources) and data entry (manual (palettes) and importer) Analyst’s Notebook 9 Arrange Ribbon Tab Layout function labels makes it quicker for users to identify the Arrange Tab includes all required layout functions related to chart item arrangement and layout Analyst’s Notebook 9 Style Ribbon Tab Style tab offers vastly improved access to chart item Direct Access to Enlargement configuration options options allows user to quickly increase or decrease emphasis of selected chart items Direct access to chart item styling options removes the Colour picker with last used need to go in to Chart Item colour indicator for quick use Properties when repeating item colouring tasks Analyst’s Notebook 9 Analyse Ribbon Tab Analyse Tab provides access to Improved workflow and options the analysis capabilities of for common Copy to New Chart Analyst’s Notebook

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