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chem_TE_ch09.fm Page 260 Thursday, April 14, 2005 2:46 PM Naming and Writing Formulas for 9.2 9.2 Ionic Compounds 1 FOCUS At festivals throughout the Objectives Guide for Reading summer, contestants compete for blue ribbons for the best barbecue. Some cooks say the recipe for their barbecue sauce is the key to winning 9.2.1 Apply the rules for naming Key Concepts and they may hint at a secret ingredient. The and writing formulas for binary • How are the names of binary recipe is the formula for the sauce—a ionic compounds. ionic compounds determined? • How do you write the formulas complete list of ingredients and their 9.2.2 Apply the rules for naming for binary ionic compounds? proportions. With the recipe, anyone • How do you write the formulas could reproduce a sauce, so a cook is and writing formulas for com- and names of compounds likely to keep a prize-winning reci- pounds with polyatomic ions. containing polyatomic ions? pe a closely guarded secret. Chem- Vocabulary istry also uses formulas, but without Guide for Reading binary compound any secrets. Once you know the rules, Reading Strategy you can write the formula for any Predicting Before you read, pre- Build Vocabulary L2 view the section by reading the chemical compound. In this section, you Word Parts The word compound Key Concepts, the headings, and will learn how to write the formulas for ionic the boldfaced sentences. Predict compounds. comes from the Latin componere, how you would write the formulas which means “to put.” Parts are put for binary ionic compounds. After you have read the section, check together to make a whole. A com- the accuracy of your prediction. Binary Ionic Compounds pound always contains at least two In the days before the science of chemistry developed, the person who dis- covered a new compound often named it anything he or she wished. It was parts. A compound with two parts is not uncommon for the name to describe some property of the substance or called a binary compound. its source. For example, a common name for potassium carbonate (K2CO3) L2 is potash. The name evolved because the compound was obtained by Reading Strategy boiling wood ashes in iron pots. Baking soda (NaHCO3) is added to batter Anticipation Guide Have students to make cakes rise. Plaster of paris (CaSO4 ·  H2O) is the name for a sub- page through the section and note the stance used to make face masks like those shown in Figure 9.7. When two major headings in red. Ask, What plaster of Paris sets, it forms gypsum (CaSO4 · 2H2O). Unfortunately, such

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