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UNCLASSIFIED Precision Fires Rocket and Missile Systems New and Evolving Armaments and Subsystems for Future Conflicts DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Paul E. Turner Approved for Public Release; Distribution is unlimited. Engineering Director & Chief Engineer Precision Fires Rocket & Missile Systems Project Office 27 April 2016 PAO XXXX, approved XX April 16 for PUBLIC RELEASE Always On Target! UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Program Executive Office Missiles & Space MISSION To Develop, Field, and Sustain Missile and Space Systems for the U.S. Army, Joint and Coalition Warfighters that Provide a Decisive Battlefield Advantage What We Do: • Centralized Management for All Army Tactical and Workforce: Air Defense Missile Programs and Selected Army Government ~1100 Space Programs Support Contractors ~700 • Full Life-Cycle Management of Assigned Systems • World Wide Support of Fielded Weapon Systems FY16 Appropriated Budget • Key Link Between the User and Tech Base ~ 3.4B What We Manage: FMS: Total Case Value $43.2B, • Eight Project Offices 39 Countries • 3 Pre-MDAP, 14 ACAT I, 5 ACAT II and 11 ACAT III Programs To Support the Warfighter • International Cooperative Development Programs VISION To be a Highly Efficient, Effective, Agile, and Innovative Warfighter - Focused Organization for Developing and Sustaining Missile and Space Systems Always On Target! 2 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Program Executive Office Missiles and Space Portfolio AIR DEFENSE AVIATION FIRES MANEUVER & SPACE Joint Attack Cruise Missile Counter - Rocket, Integrated Air & Lower Tier Precision Fires Close Combat Missile Defense & Munition Systems Defense Systems Artillery, Mortar Missile Defense Project Office Rocket and Missile Weapon Systems Space Systems (JAMS) (CMDS) (C-RAM) (IAMD) (LTPO) Systems (PFRMS) (CCWS) (MDSS) C-RAM Intercept (LPWS) Guided Multiple Launch Medium Extended Air JAVELIN Rocket Systems Defense System (GMLRS / U / AW) (MEADS) IFPC Inc 2-I IAMD Battle Command PATRIOT/ Hydra-70 RAM Warn System (IBCS) Ground Support Engagement Equipment Tube-Launched, Operations Center Optically-Tracked, (EOC) Army Tactica

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