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Dynamis Multi-Application Laser System Dynamis lasers H ighest pe r f o r m a nce a nd conv e nie nce ha nd in ha nd Key benefits z High precision, tissue-selective treatments z Intuitive, easy-to-use parameter selection z Widest range of treatment modes z Impressive line of advanced accessories Top-hat beam profile z Minimally invasive, safe treatments, and short downtime optics for uniform z Great patient comfort and satisfaction treatments with predictable results Dual monitor EFC Ergonomically designed energy control to Rotoflex arm for ensure the precision lightweight operation of laser output Dual laser wavelength technology for A complete range expanded range of of handpieces and treatments scanners for supreme versatility Intuitive and intelligent graphical user interface Proprietary VSP power supply provides a full spectrum of treatment modes Instant access to preprogrammed procedures via a large display ONE OF MY VERY BEST ROI LASERS “Dynamis is an extremely well-built versatile platform with a large range of Wireless footswitch applications (more than 50 FDA cleared applications) from areas of Aesthetics, for easy access Dermatology, Surgery, ENT, Podiatry, Ophthalmology and Gynecology. This is one of my very best ROI lasers and there are no consumables. This is like a ‘Rolls–Royce’ Laser, hand built to perfection. This is definitely one of the best lasers I have ever used.” M. Taylor, USA 2 3 Leading Technolog y Two complementary wavelengths with proprietary VSP technology Two laser technologies in one advanced system: Er:YAG and Nd:YAG Fotona VSP technology enables variable pulse durations (from microseconds to longer than one second) to optimize the effect of the laser At the heart of Dynamis laser systems are two lasers with complementary wavelengths: Nd:YAG with the most homogeneous penetration for on the tissue effective deep thermal treatments, and Er:YAG with the highest absorption Both laser sources feature Fotona’s proprietary VSP (Variable Square Pulse) for ablative and non-ablative superficial treatments. technology that enables an unprecedented range of treatment modes, from

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