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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dic tionar ies Dictionary Eighth Edition Upper-Intermediate to Advanced (B2–C2) A S Hornby Editor: Joanna Turnbull This is the dictionary teachers and students love to use – it’s the world’s best-selling advanced learner’s dictionary. The 8th edition, with Oxford iWriter, develops the skills students find most difficult: writing, and developing the vocabulary to express ideas and opinions. • Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM and 32-page Oxford Writing Tutor help students plan, write and review their written work. a • 1,000 new words and meanings cover technology, lifestyle, slang and the WT8 Writing an argument essay Many essays that you have to write, whether topic, but some questions may ask you to give economy (carbon trading, citizen journalism, malware, staycation). during your school or college course or in an examination, will require you to present a your opinion. In both cases your argument must be clearly organized and supported Writing an argument essay reasoned argument on a particular issue. This with information, evidence and reasons. The • Oxford 3000Plus™ keyword entries show the most important words to know in will often be based on your research into the language tends to be formal and impersonal. ‘Manned space missions should now be replaced with unmanned missions.’ Discuss. English and the most important meanings of those words. Paragraph 1—Introduction 1 Introduces the topic. It is clear that the study of space and the planets is by nature 2 States the focus of the essay. expensive. Scientists and politicians must constantly attempt • Topic Collocation Notes and synonym information in the Oxford 3000™ keyword to balance costs with potential research benefits.1 A major question to be considered is whether the benefits of manned Paragraph 2—Introduces space flight are worth the costs.2

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