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Better, cleaner chemistry Adhesive resins product guide Asia Pacific Resins and resin dispersions for hot melt, pressure-sensitive and non-pressure-sensitive adhesives Snowtack tackifier ® dispersions Capitalizing upon technology that dates back to the first stable colloidal resin emulsions produced during the 1920s, Lawter has developed a wide range of tackifying dispersions which are specifically designed to serve the needs of the adhesive and surface coating Industries. Snowtack® tackifier resin dispersions are aqueous, solvent-free dispersions for the manufacture of pressure- sensitive adhesives based on acrylic, natural rubber or SBR emulsions. When formulated correctly, they provide an excellent balance of adhesion and cohesion to a wide Pinerez stabilized ® Burez rosin soaps ® range of substrates. Snowtack® can run on industry standard rosin esters, Burez® soaps are based upon coaters at high speed due to its modified rosin disproportionated and modified excellent stability. Snowtack® is an environmentally friendly component esters, rosin acids rosins, saponified with sodium or potassium hydroxide. All our soaps for your adhesive. All Snowtack® and liquid have good stability and excellent grades are alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE) free. rosin esters resistance to crystallization and are available in a range of differing solids Pinerez® tackifier resins are and viscosities. The Burez range Markets and applications recommended to enhance the has been mainly designed for three adhesive performance in hot-melt specific applications: emulsion Waterborne Pressure-sensitive and solvent-based adhesive polymerization, organic pigment Adhesive: applications. They are stabilized, production and wet glue formulations. Paper label, filmic label and tape n light-colored resins with excellent Waterborne Adhesive: viscosity stability, and have excellent Markets and applications compatibility with a range of polymers n Emulsifiers for the Automotive n that are widely used in packaging manufacture of SBR, Building and construction n and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Polychloroprene rubber, These polymers include EVA, SIS, ABS, PVC, and other and SBS block copolymers, natural specialty rubbers and synthetic rubber, and acrylics. n Modifier/tackifier in Low VOC Pinerez products provide performance value in water-based, wet glues solvent-free flooring adhesives. n Pigment coating Lubricant Markets and applications n n Plasticizer Hot melt adhesives n Solvent-based adhesives n Reactive PUR adhesives n Construction adhesives n Rubber compounding n

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