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Installation & Operating Manual The Harman Built Serenity III HB 38 DV “Ce manuel est disponible en Français sur demande” R8 SAFETY NOTICE PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE MANUAL BEFORE YOU INSTALL AND USE YOUR NEW ROOM HEATER. FAILURE TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS MAY RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE, BODILY INJURY, OR EVEN DEATH. FOR USE IN THE U.S. AND CANADA. SUITABLE FOR INSTALLATION IN MOBILE HOMES IF THIS HARMAN STOVE IS NOT PROPERLY INSTALLED, A HOUSE FIRE MAY RESULT. FOR YOUR SAFETY, FOLLOW INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS. CONTACT LOCAL BUILDING OR FIRE OFFICIALS ABOUT RESTRICTIONS AND INSTALLATION INSPECTION REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR AREA. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY (SUCH AS MUNICIPAL BUILDING DEPARTMENT, FIRE DEPARTMENT, FIRE PREVENTION BUREAU, ETC.) TO DETERMINE THE NEED FOR A PERMIT. CETTE GUIDE D'UTILISATION EST DISPONIBLE EN FRANCAIS. CHEZ VOTRE CONCESSIONNAIRE DE HARMAN STOVE COMPANY. R1 SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 7R WARNING: If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or loss of life. A. FOR YOUR SAFETY Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. B. FOR YOUR SAFETY: WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS • Do not try to light any appliance. • Open windows. • Extinguish any open flame. • Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building. • Immediately call your gas supplier from a neighbor's phone. Follow the gas supplier's instructions. • If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the fire department. C. Installation and serv ice must be performed by a qu alified gas installer, service agency, or the gas supplier. 2 Table of Contents Introduction 4 Safety Precautions 4 Operation 6 Specifications 8 Installation 12 Arch Face 15 Victorian Face 16 Venting 20 Damper Settings 24 Changing to LP 25 Log Placement 27 Option Installation Thermostat 28 Remote Control 28 Remote Register Kit 29 Maintainence 35 Wiring Diagram 37 Trouble Shooting 41 Warranty 46 Manufactured by The Harman Stove Company 352 Mountain House Rd. Halifax PA 17032 M :PM 65-FILES\M ANUALS\HBF\hb38dvR6.p65 Introduction The Harman Serenity III Direct Vent Gas Fire- sageways of the Serenity III be kept clean. place is a listed gas-fired direct vent room fireplace tested When operating your Harman Serenity III Gas Fire- by Intertek Testing Services/Warnock Hersey to ANSI place, respect basic safety standards. Read these in- Z21.88-2002/ CSA2.33-M02. CAN-CGA-2.17- structions carefully before you attempt to operate the M91. fireplace. Failure to do so may result in damage to prop- The installation of the Serenity III Direct Vent Gas erty or personal injury and may void the product war- Fireplace must conform with local codes, or in the ab- ranty. sence of local codes, with National Fuel Gas Code, Consult with your local building code agency and ANSI Z223.1 — latest edition and CAN 1 B1-149.1 insurance representative before you begin your installa- and .2 Installation Code. tion to ensure compliance with local codes, including the Also for use in mobile (manufactured) homes after need for permits and follow-up inspections. home is sited. Several issues must be addressed when selecting a Mobile (manufactured) home installations must suitable location for your Sere

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