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American Society for Clinical Pathology International Certification Program (ASCPi) ASCP & BOC History • 1922 - American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) is founded. • 1928 - Board of Registry (BOR) is founded by ASCP. • 2006 - Begin International Certification Program ASCPi. • 2007 - BOR is awarded accreditation by the ANSI for MT/MLS, MLT, PBT. • 2009 - BOR and the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel (NCA) unify to become the Board of Certification (BOC). • 2012 - BOC awarded accreditation for all 20 exams. About the ASCP • One of the world’s largest professional membership organization for pathologists and laboratory professionals. • Our mission is to provide excellence in education, certification and advocacy on behalf of patients, pathologists and laboratory professionals across the globe. • With more than 100,000 members, the society’s influence has guided the application and evolution of the pathology and laboratory medicine specialty since 1922. About the BOC • Develops, establishes and maintains standards and procedures for individuals to enter, continue and/or advance in a career in medical laboratory science. • Certifies through examination those individuals who meet the required education and experience criteria. • Maintains a roster of certificants. BOC Certification BOC offers a formal certification process that requires: • Education • Clinical Training • Experience AND • Successful Completion of the Certification Examination Accreditation • ANSI (American National Standards Institute) awards accreditation to personnel certification agencies that meet the international ISO Standard 17024. • BOC certification programs are accredited through March 9, 2017 for 20 certification examinations. ASCPi • Designed in response to global demand for a reliable healthcare system to ensure public health and patient safety and to promote high quality international laboratory practice standards in medical laboratories worldwide. • Confirms that an individual has demonstrated that s/he possesses the crucial knowledge to perform essential tasks within the medical laboratory ASCPi History Bangladesh Algeria Germany Guinea ASCPi growth by Egypt Yemen Albania Algeria Armenia Portugal Australia applications Malaysia Vietnam United Kingdom Austria Greece Malaysia Cameroon received based Bahrain Russia Colombia Ecuador Cote d’Ivoire France Denmark on country of Togo U.A.E. Ecuador Belgium Turkey Hungary education Thailand Taiwan Sudan Iceland Iraq Iran Iraq 2006 - 2013 Singapore Poland Panama Ireland Lebanon Lesotho Pakistan Peru Nigeria Lithuania New Zealand Chile Nepal Dominican Republic Myanmar Serbia Moldova Slovakia Kuwait Syria

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