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Government of Bermuda 2015 – 029 Department of Maritime Administration BERMUDA SHIPPING NOTICE SEAFARER'S MEDICAL CERTIFICATION Applicable Legislation 1. International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended (STCW 78) 2. ILO - International Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006) 3. Merchant Shipping Act, 2002 as amended 4. Merchant Shipping (Medical Certification of Seafarers) Regulations 2013 Seafarers' medical examinations and issuing of medical certificates are governed by the provisions of the above International Conventions and the Bermuda Statutory Instruments. Shipowners, managers, operators and masters must ensure that prior to beginning work on board a ship, seafarers hold a valid medical certificate attesting that they are medically fit to perform the duties that they are to carry out at sea. Summary Bermuda became a MLC 2006 ratified Maritime Administration on 7th August 2014. The 2012 amendments to the Merchant Shipping Act 2002, gives effect to the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, in Bermuda. Among other things, the Merchant Shipping (Medical Certification of Seafarers) Regulations 2013 stipulates, for working on board a Bermuda ship, seafarers shall hold Medical Certificates issued by: (a). A qualified medical practitioner in a country which is approved by the Minister and who is authorised by that country to issue such certificates, and is listed in the register of recognised medical practitioners maintained by that country; (See Appendix I - The List of Countries Approved by the Minister) (b). A qualified medical practitioner authorised by the Minister for the purpose of issuing Bermuda Seafarer’s Medical Certificates; or (See Appendix II - The List of Doctors Authorised by the Minister) (c). A qualified medical practitioner authorised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, United Kingdom (UK) to issue ENG1 certificates in accordance with the UK requirements for such certificates. (Refer to UK MCA Approved Doctors List). 1 APPENDIX I LIST OF COUNTRIES APPROVED BY THE MINISTEER FOR THE PURPOSE OF RECOGNISING SEAFARER’S MEDICAL CERTIFICATES FOR WORKING ON BERMUDA SHIPS Australia Hong Kong Poland Austria Hungary Portugal Belgium Iceland Republic of Ireland Bulgaria India Romania Canada Italy Russian Federation China Jamaica Slovakia Croatia Latvia Slovenia Cyprus Lithuania South Africa Czech Republic Luxembourg Spain Denmark Malta Sri Lanka Estonia Mauritius Sweden Egypt Netherlands United Kingdom Finland New Zealand Ukraine France Norway Germany Pakistan Greece Philippines 2 APPENDIX II LIST OF DOCTORS AUTHORISED BY THE MINISTER FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONDUCTING MEDICAL EXAMINATION AND ISSUING BERMUDA MEDICAL CERTIFICATES TO SEAFARERS EMPLOYED BY THE COMPANY CARNIVAL UK Listed by Country HUNGARY Sylvia Tozser Shipping and Aero Express Medical Examination H-1053 Ferenciek ter 2. II. em 3., H-1053 Budapest Tel. 36-1-266-4529 Fax. 36-1-411-1256 sztozser@gmail.com INDIA Sanjeev Mukherjee Naresh Sood Maritime Medical Consultancy Surya Diagnostic Centre 11/1A, Manoharpukur Road T-16, Mehrauli, Near Andheria More 700026 Kolkata 110030New Delhi Tel. 91 33 24192228 / 2186 / 2187 Tel. 911132994608 m_m_c@maritimemedical.net suryadc@gmail.com Suresh Idnani Nikhil Idnani Indus Seafarer Clinic (South Goa) Indus Seafarer Health and S-2/2, Nova Cidade, NH-17, Porvorim Welfare Clinic (North Goa) 403 521Goa – Porvorim 11 Jigishah Building, Varde, Tel. 91-832-241-7036 Valauikar Road, 403601Goa – Margao Fax. 91-832-241-3021 Tel. 91 832 2417036 sureshidnani@hotmail.com Fax. 91 832 2413021 http://www.dridnani.com/ nikhil@post.harvard.edu A.H.Balaji M.K.E.Memon Balaji Medical Centre Kaifak Medicare Pvt. Ltd. OLD NO 4,NEW NO 18, 201 / 214, Maker Chambers V

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