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CRUSHERS MODEL SELECTION APLICATION Coal Electrical Power Ore Dressing Chemical Engineering Environmental Protection Building Material Sizing Crusher 分级破碎机 性能特点 ■具有筛分、破碎双重功能,可单独完成筛 分、破碎作业,取消手选,简化工艺系统、降 低土建及设备投资; ■破碎齿采用螺旋布置,两辊相对旋转犹如格 筛,可将小于产品粒度的物料筛去,只对大于 产品粒度要求的物料进行破碎,避免了粗细物 料掺杂破碎的缺陷,产品成块率高、过粉碎率 低、破碎能耗低; ■双齿辊分别由电机单独驱动,结构简单、运 行平稳、振动小、噪音低、粉尘少; ■中心距固定,齿辊的结构尺寸根据产品的粒 度进行优化设计,对物料进行强制破碎,严格 控制物料通过的空间几何尺寸。作为最终的粒 度把关设备,产品粒度均匀合格、粉煤出量 少; ■破碎齿辊采用高强耐磨合金,经久耐用,更 换方便; 初级破碎(粗碎) ■首创偏心轴承杯调节辊距,可根据市场需求 Primary Crushing (Preliminary crushing) 方便地对产品粒度进行调节,生产适销对路的 产品; ■设备配置自清理机构,对粘湿物料的适应性 大大提高; ■配有先进的过载保护装置,保护设备及整个 系统安全可靠的运行; ■结构和性能可与进口破碎机相蓖美,具有国 际先进水平。 二级破碎(中碎) Secondary Crushing (Intermediate crushing) 三级破碎(细碎) Tertiary Crushing (Final crushing) 01 Special Features ■ Capable of performing screening-crushing dual material passageway are under strict control. As a functions with one unit independently. Its use can final product size check equipment, its product size lead to elimination of handpicking, simplification of is consistent and there is less generation of fine sizes. process system and reduction of initial capital and cost of civil-work. ■ The toothed roll is made with highly wear- resistant alloy for prolonged service life and easy ■ The crushing teeth are helically arranged and the replacement. 2 rolls rotate in opposite directions like a grizzly through which the undersize materials are screened ■ The distance between 2 rolls is adjusted with out and only the oversize materials are subject to an originally designed eccentric bearing cup, with crushing, avoiding, as a result, the crushing of mixed which the product size can be readily adjusted for materials. Other merits include increased proportion producing a product appropriate for market needs. of lumpy coal in product, low overcrushing rate and less consumption of crushing energy. ■ The crusher is provided with a self-cleaning mechanism, making it highly adaptable to the ■ The 2 double-toothed rolls are each driven treatment of wet sticky materials. separately by a motor. It offers the special merits of being simple in structural design, smooth in ■ The crusher operates with an advanced overload operation, less in vibration motion, low in noise level protection mechanism for ensuring a safe and and less dust generation. reliable operation of crusher. ■ The center-to-center distance is fixed and the ■ The crusher is up to the advanced international structural dimensions of the toothed roll can be level with its structural design and technical optimized in design, depending on the required performance comparing favorably with those of the product size. In the crusher, the materials are subject imported one. to forced crushing and the spatial dimensions of 02 应用范围 ■适用于原煤、中煤、矸石、焦炭、石膏、 铝矾土矿、烧结矿、固体废弃物等中硬以 下物料的强力破碎; ■适用于矿井井下、厂房、露天环境等各种 工矿条件下的破碎作业; ■可广泛应用于煤炭、电力、建材、化工、 冶金、非金属矿、环保等行业。 Scope of Application ■ Suitable for intensive crushing of materials with a below moderate hardness, such as raw coal, middlings, refuse, coke, gypsium, bauxite, sintered ore and solid waste material. ■ Suitable for making crushing operations under various industrial conditions, for instance, in underground mine and workshop and at outdoor places. ■ Widely applicable for use in coal, power, building material, chemical, metallurgical, non-metallic and environmental protection sectors. 型号意义 Cod

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