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PROJECT BEGINNER | METAL High Relief, Low Risk: LEARN CHASING & REPOUSSÉ Transform a common tin container into a custom decorative trinket box. by Laurie Jane Kern FCT-MWON0216_ART05 62 materials ■■ Used tin with lid tools & supplies ■■ Pitch bowl with pitch ■■ Heat gun ■■ Sandbag or rubber ring ■■ Bowl of cool water ■■ Steel bench block ■■ Rawhide mallet ■■ Wooden dowel (optional) ■■ Particulate respirator ■■ Flex shaft or rotary tool with 80-grit radial-bristle disks ■■ Painter’s tape (optional) ■■ Paper template and rubber cement, or carbon paper, tracing paper, and a pencil ■■ Lip balm, olive oil, mineral oil, or flourless non-stick cooking spray ■■ Cookie sheet or disposable aluminum cooking sheet (optional)* ■■ Spoon* ■■ Butter knife, spatula, or silicone pot scraper or stir stick* ■■ Pliers ■■ Refrigerator or bucket of cool water (optional) ■■ Chasing tools: variety of shapes and sizes including soft-edge liners, rounded embossing tools ■■ Chasing hammer, lightweight ■■ Mineral spirits, nail-polish remover, or acetone ■■ Molding material (Silly Putty, Play-doh, plasticine clay, or Bubber) ■■ 2-part epoxy resin (optional) ■■ Solvent dyes, alcohol inks, perma- nent markers, or paint or patina for steel (optional) ■■ Spray sealant *Dedicated for nonfood use Have you ever been given tins full of cookies during the holidays or bought those “curious mints” which seem to be everywhere these days? What do you do with the tins once they’re empty? It seems a waste to throw them away, but hoarding stacks of old tins is a waste of space. Adding chasing & repoussé to a tin lid allows you to reuse those tins and make them into small works of art you will be proud to show off. 63 1 2 3 4 5 6 Prepare your pitch bowl.  A day before NOTE: If you want to get your feet wet Some lids have a frame as part of the you start your project, place pitch into a and

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