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MSC.Nastran Implicit Nonlinear (SOL600) Nonlinear Structural Analysis Technical Workshop Agenda • What is MSC.Nastran Solution 600 • How does it benefit the Nastran user • How does it work • What capabilities are included • Recent Problems Solved with SOL 600 • Future Plans • Sample Live Problem Nonlinear Capabilities in MSC.Nastran MSC.Nastran SOL600 is the nonlinear capabilities of MSC.MARC delivered in an MSC.Nastran user interface MSC.Nastran Implicit Nonlinear – SOL600: • Provides FEA capability for the analysis of 3D contact and highly nonlinear problems. • Combines Marc’s advanced nonlinear finite element technology with the world’s most widely used finite element code, MSC.Nastran What is MSC.Nastran SOL600 ? • Allows Nastran users to perform: • advanced nonlinear structural analysis • Includes contact, large deflection, large rotation, and large strain analysis capabilities never before available in Nastran • Can use input decks from the many thousands of existing MSC.Nastran models. • Provides solutions for simple to complex engineering problems including multi- body contact and advanced elastomeric (rubber) material models How Does MSC.Nastran SOL600 Work ? $ NASTRAN input file created by MSC.Nastran input file • MSC.Nastran Look and feel: $ Direct Text Input for File Management Section $ Advanced Nonlinear Analysis • Input a standard Nastran input SOL 600,NLSTATIC OUTR=OP2,F06 $ Direct Text Input for Executive Control deck CEND SEALL = ALL • Spawns Marc SUPER = ALL TITLE = MSC.Nastran job created12-Feb-03 at ECHO = NONE • Optional - Marc results read $ Direct Text Input for Global Case Control Data BCONTACT = ALL back to Nastran database SUBCASE 1 $ Subcase name : Default • Optional - standard Output from SUBTITLE=Default NLPARM = 1 Nastran (f06,op2,xdb,punch) BCONTACT = 1 SPC = 2 • New Nastran text input: LOAD = 2 DISPLACEMENT(SORT1,REAL)=ALL SPCFORCES(SORT1,REAL)=ALL • Executive Command: STRESS(SORT1,REAL,VONMISES,BILIN)=ALL BEGIN BULK PARAM POST 0 SOL 600,NLSTATIC outr= path= PARAM AUTOSPC NO PARAM LGDISP 1 • New Case Control Command for PARAM,NOCOMPS,-1 PARAM PRTMAXIM YES 3D contact - BCONTACT NLPARM 1 10 $ Direct Text Input for Bulk Data AUTO 5 25 $ Elements and Element Properties for region : shell • New Bulk Data Entries for 3D PSHELL 1 1 .25 1 $ Pset: "shell" will be imported as: "pshell.1" 1 contact and advanced materials CQUAD4 CQUAD4 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 3 13 14 12 13 including rubber,gaskets, large strain, visco-elastic, failure, … SOL600 - Powerful Nonlinear Capabilities MSC.MARC Mature Robust Nonlinear Algorithms provide: • A powerful tool for simulating manufacturing processes and component behavior • multi-body contact analysis capability (much easier to set up) • long list of advanc

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