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IED TRAINING AIDS INERTPRODUCTS.COM ▶ +1 (570) 341-3751 ▶ Toll Free: +1 (855) 559-2707 IED recognition and defeat are critical skill sets which demand deliberate focus and emphasis when training to confront the largest threat on today’s battlefield. We design and manufacture static visual mock-ups and fully functional IED training devices. Functional devices include features such as sirens, LEDs, and any of our battlefield effects. Our IED training aids do not contain any type of energetic or hazardous materials and can be configured to many different standards. All of our inert IED training aids are produced to meet specific requirements and offer multiple levels of intended purpose. Devices range from static classroom mock-ups to x-ray correct devices, functional or reactive devices including wireless operation, or any combination of these features are available. We are capable of producing custom IED training devices to incorporate any of the above mentioned features including new threats as they emerge. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, obtain price quotes or lead times for any custom project. WE MAKE CUSTOM PRODUCTS CONTACT US WITH ANY CUSTOM REPLICA REQUESTS YOU MAY HAVE INERTPRODUCTS.COM OUR PRODUCTS STAND OUT FROM THE REST. IEDS ARE AVAILABLE IN SEVERAL FORMATS. Basic Device Device w/ Siren These devices are visually correct only. Some These devices operate similarly to the real IED, components are interactive, however there is except there is a siren to indicate when the no associated penalty monitor to indicate the IED’s firing device has been triggered. IED has been triggered. The replica electric detonator’s wire can be rendered safe to disable the siren, and is easily replaced at a low cost. THE CAPABILITIES SHOWN BELOW CAN BE INTEGRATED INTO OUR TRAINING DEVICES: Device w/ Wireless Transmitter X-Ray Correct Device These devices also operate similarly to the real These devices include all IED components in IED, except a wireless signal is transmitted via an x-ray correct format. The inert explosives, a unique, replica electrical blasting cap when detonators, and firing devices all display the IED’s firing device has been triggered. exactly like the real materials. The wireless transmitter does require a The x-ray components used in these devices receiver (sold separately), and can be used to are provided by DSA Detection, with the IED activate a range of penalty monitors such as assembly completed by Inert Products. blast simulators, LED lights, simulated scents, and more. ▶ INERTPRODUCTS.COM TRAINING AIDS BACKPACK DEVICE 2 CENTENNIAL OLYMPIC PARK BOMB DOMESTIC PRESSURE COOKER IED BACKPACK DEVICE 1 ITEM#: OTA-6121 ITEM#: OTA-13D ITEM#: OTA-6106 Hostage Device - Victim Activated ITEM#: OTA-6107 BACKPACK DEVICE 3 BRIEFCASE DEVICE 1 With Propane Tanks DUFFLE BAG DEVICE BRIEFCASE DEVICE 2 ITEM#: OTA-6112 Victim Activated ITEM#: OTA-6120 ITEM#: OTA-7055 ITEM#: OTA-6111 FIRE EXTINGUISHER DEVICE OXYGEN TANK DEVICE SMALL PELICAN CASE IED FIRST AID KIT IED VICTIM ACTIVATED VICTIM ACTIVATED ITEM#: OTA-6115 ITEM#: OTA-6117 ITEM#: OTA-222 ITEM#: OTA-FA01 1 SMALL DIAPER BAG THERMOS DEVICE LARGE COOLER DEVICE VICTIM ACTIVATED MEDIUM COOLER DEVICE ITEM#: OTA-6051 ITEM#: OTA-6116 ITEM#: OTA-6104 ITEM#: OTA-6103 SMALL MAIL/PACKAGE BOMB LARGE MAIL/PACKAGE BOMB POSTAL MAIL TUBE IED LARGE ENVELOPE MAILER IED ITEM#: OTA-6005 ITEM#: OTA-6006 ITEM#: OTA-6119 VICTIM AC ITEM#: OTA-6118 METAL TOOLBOX IED 1 METAL TOOLBOX IED 2 PIZZA BOX IED PISTOL/GUN CASE IED ITEM#: OTA-6048 VICTIM ACTIVATED ITEM#: OTA-6109

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