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MotorCities-Automobile National Heritage Area Rouge River Tour A Self-Guided Tour Booklet of Historic Sites Along the Rouge River Credits and Disclaimer Corrections and Comments This tourism booklet was developed through We would like to hear your comments Alternately, you may also call us toll free at a major effort of the Rouge Stewardship regarding this touring booklet so that we can (877) 66AUTOH, fax us at (313) 259-5254, Community volunteers and MotorCities- provide improvements in future versions. or write to us at: ANHA staff. We would like to thank Did it work for you? Did you like the layout those individuals who assisted in providing of the pages? Did you find any mistakes? MotorCities–Automobile National Heritage Area the text and many of the photos that are Please let us know by emailing us at 300 River Place – Suite 1600 included in this booklet. mc_info_sheets@grigg.com. Detroit, MI 48207-4291 Attn.: Rouge River Tour Booklet Comments When traveling along the Middle Rouge River to the sites highlighted in this booklet, please be careful while driving and looking for them. We hope that our maps will assist you in finding the sites. While traveling, please also be mindful that you will be in a major urban area and take necessary precautions for your safety. Table of Contents 1 Table of Contents 2 Welcome Letter 3 The Rouge River Tour Overview R ouge River Tour Sites and Maps 4 Henry Ford Estate - Fair Lane 5 Nankin Mills Interpretive Center - MotorCities-ANHA Gateway Museum 6 Nankin Mills Tenant House and Barn 7 Nankin Mills Perrinville School 8 Newburgh Mill & Dam 9 Newburgh Lake & Comfort Station 10 Newburgh Waterfall 11 UNISYS Haggerty Picnic Area 12 Haggerty Comfort Station 13 Plymouth Riverside Comfort Station 14 Gunsolly Mill 15 Wilcox Mill 16-17 Tour Map A 18-19 Tour Map B 20-21 Tour Map C 22 Courtesy Maps - Downtown Dearborn, Northville, Plymouth 23 Wilcox-Miller (Guenther) House 24 Plymouth Historical Museum 25 Markham-Wilcox House 26 Daisy Air Rifle Plant 27 Phoenix Mill 28 Meads Mill 29 Waterford Mill 30 Waterford Village & Cemetery 31 Cass Benton Comfort Station 32 Northville Well 33 Northville Mill 34 Northville Mill Race Village 35 Fish Hatchery Park 36 Bennett Arboretum–Hines Park Other Sites to See 37 Ford Motor Company Heny Ford II World Headquarters 38 Ford Motor Company Rouge Plant 39 The Henry Ford - MotorCities-ANHA Gateway Museum 40 Automotive Hall of Fame 41 Greenmead Historic Village MotorCities-ANHA Information 42 What is MotorCities-Automobile National Heritage Area? 43-44 MotorCities-ANHA Membership Application 1 Welcome to MotorCities-ANHA! Touring Historic Rouge River Sites Welcome to MotorCities-Automobile National Heritage Area! We are delighted that you've chosen to spend some time exploring the National Heritage Area, its people, and the places that put the world on wheels. This self-guided booklet has been designed to allow you, the visitor, to experience first hand some of the region’s great automobile sites and stories. This tour will take you to places where we make cars, produced armaments for World War II, and struggled for labor rights. Along the tour, you'll meet many people including Henry Ford, who built plants in old mills and refurbished one-room schoolhouses. In addition to discovering the amazing story of the Ford Motor Company, you will uncover many early auto related treasures including automobile rest stops, parks, and scenic drives. We hope these sites will encourage you to come back and journey throughout more of MotorCities-Automobile National Heritage Area. Created by Congress in 1998, we are one of the twenty-three National Park Service affiliated heritage areas in the nation. For more information on our programming, our stories, and our sites, please visit us on-line at www.autoheritage.org. Enjoy exploring and celebrating our auto heritage. Come back and visit again soon! 2 Welcome to MotorCities-ANHA! R ouge River Tour The Rouge River is not particularly wide nor deep. This river with its three branches and tributaries looks more like a tree with three thin limbs than a major watershed. When y

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