• Document: (An affiliate of Diamond Financial Services of NJ) Approved Equipment (FF&E) Financing for Arooga s Grille House and Sports Bar
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                                                   LEASING PROGRAM (An affiliate of Diamond Financial Services of NJ)   √   Approved Equipment (FF&E) Financing  for  Arooga’s Grille House and Sports Bar Types of Equipment  Why FranchiseLeasing.com?  D Hardware/Software  - We only service the Franchise Industry  Audio Visual  - Start‐ups, expansion  D Equipment  - Preserve credit lines & cash  D Refrigeration  - A, B & C Credit Scores  - Minimal $ out of pocket  D Office Equipment  - Tax Advantages/No pre‐pay penalty  D Furniture/Shelving  - $10K ‐ $500K Funding  Titled Vehicle  - Custom program for your Brand & Industry  Cart/Kiosk  - Minimal paperwork/less restrictions  D P.O.S. System  - Every applicant reviewed “case by case” for best  Machines, Tools  terms   Printing    D Signage  How To Get Started  D Security Systems   (4 Step Process)  Total of Lease Amount Eligibility    - Franchisee (lessee) contact Don Johnson ‐ 877.508.2274  Start up, Remodel and Expansion:   - We explain our services; send them our  information & how to apply  $30,000 – 450,000  - Application submitted for approval                        (1‐3 business days)/Vendor notified  Quick approvals/Fast Funding  - We guide Franchisee (lessee) through to final  funding (Less than 30 days) equipment received      LEASING PROGRAM Don Johnson       Don@franchiseleasing.com  877‐508‐2274      www.Franchiseleasing.com  732‐495‐7058 fax          262 Hwy 36, W. Keansburg, NJ 07734  22005 Insert Title or Headline EQUIPMENT LEASING FOR FRANCHISEES! FranchiseLeasing.com is the ONLY website dedicated Facts: to the leasing needs of the FRANCHISE INDUSTRY! Studies show that 80% of companies Why should you lease with Franchise Leasing? lease some or all of their equipment! Conserve capital Over 1/3 of all acquired equipment in Leasing conserves your working capital by requiring usually just the first and last payment. This frees your working capital for other profit generating activities or investments. the U.S. is leased! Save bank lines of credit Leasing preserves your bank lines of credit so that you are ready if a business opportunity or “FranchiseLeasing.com, in affiliation unexpected demand for cash occurs. No collateral checks and having to “mortgage your with Diamond Financial Serv

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