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ROLLINS COLLEGE tlBRKRY WINTER PARK, FLORIDA WINTER PARK TOPICS A Weekly Review of Social and Cultural Activities During the Winter Resort Season Vol. 2—No. 10 Winter Park, Florida, Saturday, March 16, 1935 Price 10 Cents SOCIAL FT. MAITLAND SITE IMPRESSIVELY MARKED .-- Mrs. Clive B, Vincent is giving- W. Stanley Hanson, Secretary of an informal buffet luncheon today the Seminole Indian Association of for Mrs. Thomas Leonard Thom- Florida, and a group of Seminole son, of Torrington, Conn., who has Indians unveiled a coquina block been visiting her for the past three and a highway marker on the site weeks. Mrs. Thomson will leave of old Fort Maitland at the Hall . for her home next Wednesday. Estate in Maitland Thursday aft- ernoon in connection with ceremo- Mrs. John J. Carty gave a lunch- nies arranged by the Fort Maitland eon Tuesday at her home, the Committee consisting of winter res- guests being Mrs. Charles Atwood idents of Maitland, members of the Campbell, Mrs. Horatio C. Woods, Orlando Chapter of the D. A. R. of Philadelphia, sister of Mrs. Interior o£ Annie Kussell Theatre, Winter Pnrk and representatives of Rollins Col- Campbell, Mrs. George E. Warren, lege. Mrs. Edward Harris Rathbun, Mrs. PROMINENT WINTER PARKERS RESPOND TO Mrs. Reinhard Siedenburg, Rol- Edward Dufner and Mrs. William ANDRE SMITH'S LETTER ON ART SITUATION lins trustee and daughter of the S. Forbes, of Boston. The expression of a definite viewpoint, strongly expressed by one late L. F. Dommerich, presided, who has the courage of his convictions, seldom fails to stimulate thought and on the program were Mrs. T. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Elliott and and usually results in a clarifying- statement of the viewpoint of others. C. Maguire, chairman of the High- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Jones, of way Markers Commission of the Chicago, who are on a deep sea Mr. Andre Smith by his vigorous—we need not say "shocking"— critique of our local art situation, which was published in last week's Florida D. A. JR., Colonel E. R. fishing trip near Key West, were issue of Winter Park Topics, has stimulated thought and challenged the Hall, donor of the site, Mrs. H. T. joined this week by another couple, lovers of art both old and new to an expression of their convictions. Kitson, chairman of the Historic Dr. and Mrs. Charles Galloway, of Sites Committee of the Orlando D. Evanston, 111. The party will ar- The Editor of Winter Park Topics believes that Mr. Smith's letter is A. R., Mrs, Cora Pierce Nye, Reg- rive today in Winter Park, the a tonic, and beneficial especially to those who too complacently accept ent of the Orlando D. A. R., Mayor Jones and Galloways to be guests for themselves the thinking and conclusions of other people. When we C. J. Woodward of Maitland, Dean at the Alabama Hotel. cease to think foz

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