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GC3574 SEPTEMBER 1987 Australia $2.20, New Zealand $2.95 (inc. GST), E10$2 £1.30 SERVICINGPROJECTSVIDEODEVELOPMENTS Extra inside - HRS Video Head Chart VM6101 Teletext Decoder Interface Field Servicing Kit Vintage TV Coaxial Cable TV Techniques Mains Supply Checker DX -TV Salora's Satellite TV Receivers TV Fault Finding VCR Clinic TV SERVICE SPARES MANOR SUPPLIES MKV PAL COLOUR TEST GENERATOR BACKED BY TWENTY YEARS EXPERIENCE & STAFF OF TECHNICAL EXPERTS LOPTs. TRIPLERS, PANELS. TUNERS. SELECTORS ETC. FOR DOMESTIC TV & VCR. SPECIAL. OFFER Mullard/Philips quality modulator (audio & video input) ex new equipment £5.00 p.p. £1.11). PHILIPS G11 to position touch tune channel selector units £16.00 p.p. £1.50 LL (can replace earlier mechanical selector unit). TEST rr PHILIPS Gil PANELS (tested). DEMONSTRATIONS Frame, IF, decider £18.00 each p.p. CAI. Scan £28.00 p.p. [2.80. AT 172 m In PHILIPS (;II PANELS ex rental (untested). II el IN WEST END LANE Scan £10.00, Frame, Decoder £5.00 p.p. 42.00. INII SIMMS PHILIPS HANDSETS (New Replacements)p.p. f1.50. CI I Ultrasonic Nontext £22.50, Infra red "text £22.50. Others available. KT3 Non text (RC4INII) £20.00, KT3, K30 etc. Text £26.50. * 40 different patterns and variations. PHILIPS HANDSETS Ex rental, text. Untested. KT3. K30, £3.50 p.p. CIA). COLOUR MANUALS p.p. 50p. * Broadcast transmission accuracy (fully interlaced sync PHILIPS G £3.50, KT3 £3.50, £1.50, (TX -S £1.50. pulses with correct picture blanking). THORN REMOTE CONTROL. HANDSETS TX9 ULTRASONIC (3-hutton) £15.00; TX9, TXIO Infra red (type 725) * EBU colour bars, BBC colour bars, whole rasters & split £18.00; TX9, TXIO Infra red Teletext £20.00, p.p. £1.20. Others available. bars (specially useful for VCR service), white, yellow, TX9 Ultrasonic -emote handset transducer £2.00, switches 3 for £1.50 p.p. 51)p TX9/TXIO Tele ext interface panel (1524) £5.00 p.p. 80p. cyan, green, magenta, red, blue and black. * Chequerboard. THORN TX9 Ultrasonic Remote(ControfReceiver panels. 0.50 p.p. (.1.50. TX9, TXIO Faci.i control panel incl. infra -red remote receiver 4:8.50 p.p. (1.80. * Mono outputs with border castellations, cross hatch, THORN TX9, TX10 Sass Filter IF Panel. £5.00 p.p. 80p. grey scale, vertical lines, horizontal lines and dots. TX9, TXIO Remote & tunine control panel (1515) £10.50 p.p. [1.80. SAW FILTER IF AMPLIFIER PLUS TUNER complete and tested for UHF modulator output plugs straight nit° receiver 'F. V . Sound & Vision. £28.50 p.p. t: I .2(1. aerial socket. PAL. D

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