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HALFEN NATURAL STONE SUPPORT SYSTEMS FS 10.1-E FAÇ A D E C e r t i fi c a te s N o . 71712 / 3 H A L F E N N AT U R A L S TO N E S U P P O R T S Y S T E M S Introduction HALFEN Natural stone support systems Quality assurance and safety are of Precondition for the award of the In the planning phase HALFEN offers ever increasing importance in build- quality seal is comprehensive testing the possibility for tidy fixing without ing construction. The Supervisory carried out by LGA of the complete retrospective drilling and with quality and Certification Board of the State documentation, the production plus tested anchors. Agency Nuremberg (LGA) has awarded the static load-bearing capacities of the the quality certificate “LGA Tested load-bearing anchors. It is a compre- Now, planners are able to insist on Quality” to the HALFEN Body anchor hensive and independent quality as- quality assurance of the high-class and the HALFEN Grout-in anchor. The surance which relates not only to the façade cladding right at an early agency LGA is part of the Technical properties of the product. stage and to request an independent inspection directorate TÜV Rheinland quality assurance. With the quality Group. The quality certificate is the seal HALFEN sets a high standard and first independent certificate of quality facilitates the decision for the collabo- for the load-bearing capacity, produc- ration with a quality service provider. tion and the construction for façade C e r t i fi c a te N o . 71712 systems of this type. General points concerning natural stone façades Natural stone offers a wealth of ben- Natural stone façades contribute to an verified by our highly experienced efits for façade design. It is a long-last- aesthetic and eye-catching appearance. project engineers. To you as customer ing, low maintenance material which These are just some of the beneficial we offer a comprehensive package of improves the building sound insula- aspects of natural stone façade design. planning and engineering services to tion. Through its physical properties Natural stone façades are usually des- reliably plan and simply execute your it is an excellent material for summer ignated and constructed as back-venti- natural stone façades. heat insulation due to its heat storage lated curtain façades. HALFEN Natural capability. The summer heat is kept stone fixing systems are the optimal Our competences are reflected in the away from the building core, cutting solution for realising a back-ventilated major projects with which we have down on the necessary building cool- curtain façade. been entrusted. ing requirements. HALFEN has many years’ experience and competence in this field as is Office building Apartment block mima - Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art, Posen, Poland Park Expo, Lisbon United Kingdom 2 © 2010 HALFEN · FS 10.1-E · www.halfen.com H A L F E N N AT U R A L S TO N E S U P P O R T S Y S T E M S Contents Introduction - HALFEN Natural stone support systems 2 - Thermal bridges with natural stone support systems 4 - Dynamic loads in combination with natural stone support systems 5 - Individual solutions 6 - Applications 7 HALFEN Natural stone support systems - HALFEN Body anchors 9 - HALFEN Grout-in anchors 14 - HALFEN Sub structure systems 17 - HALFEN HK4 Support brackets and HALFEN Cavity wall ties 22 Accessories - HALFEN Fixing material for HALFEN Body anchors 23 - HALFEN Support anchor 25 - HALFEN SOF Ceiling anchor 26 - HALFEN Permanent scaffolding anchor

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