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Quality Changes the World Add: SANY Industrial Region, Beiqing Road, Huilongguan, Changping District, Beijing Zip code: 102206 After service: 0086-10-80727006 Fax: 0086-10-80727043 Email: Wuna@sany.com.cn Website: http//:www.bjsany.com Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. Featured machines in photos may include additional equipment. Final data and configuration are according to contract or real rig. The price varies according to the configuration. SANY SR150C ROTARY DRILLING RIG The copyright is reserved by SANY, and any content is forbidden to be used for other purpose without written permission of SANY. ©China print no.: BZSRX0303EN(08-08)-SR150C 2 SR150C rotary drilling rig blends productivity and durability to give you the best return on your investment. Technical Data Page 2 Driving Mechanism Page 7 Rock-drilling Technique Page 10 Page 14 With max. drilling diameter 1500mm and max. drilling depth Including rotary drive, main/auxiliary winch, boom Rotary drilling rig feeding with crowd cylinder has been All customers of SANY Rotary Drilling Rig can enjoy the 56m, the rig is suitable for pile foundation construction s of mechanism, mast, etc. developed by SANY. Interlocking Kelly bar with auger, core barrel commitment of overall services. industrial and civil buildings. and rock bucket, the rig can drill in rock within drillability<grade 8 and uniaxial compressive strength≤100MPa. Chassis Page 3 Cab Page 8 Hydraulic drive and telescopic crawler structure improve the Operate comfortably—the best cab would greatly improve Working Equipment Optional Page 11-12 Certificate Page 14 reliability and stability of the rig in construction. productivity. It includes Kelly bar with drilling tools, casing installation with In 2005 Beijing SANY Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was awarded rotary drive, SMW, CFA drilling, twin rotary drive drilling, drilling with with ISO9001 Quality System certification. In 2008, SANY SR150(C) Engine Page 4 Kelly Bar Page 9 casing oscillator, drilling with diaphragm wall grab, etc. Rotary Drilling Rig passed CE certification of Rhine company of Germany. Matching the constant power of hydraulic system perfectly, SANY Kelly bar plays the leading role in China, and is exported the whole machine performs the maximum working efficiency. to Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Convenient Maintenance Page 13

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