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Setup Reference guide for KX-NS700/1000 Version 4.2 Firmware “British Telecom” SIP Trunk service (with External Router) Version 1.0 (PSCEU) 5 October 2015  SUMMARY This document is a reference for configuring “British Telecom” SIP trunks with Panasonic KX-NS Series systems and includes the settings required for Incoming Call DDI routing and Outgoing Call CLI presentation. . SIP trunk specific account details are provided to you by BT. The BT Sip services covered by this Inter-Operability Test include: - BT Wholesale SIP Trunks (WSIPT) - BT Global Services One Voice SIP Trunk UK  Attention: This document was created based on the results of test environment accounts. Panasonic cannot guarantee SIP Trunk operation in all environments, however as a result of completing this Inter-Operability Test Panasonic will provide technical support for any issues experienced an assist as far as possible in providing a resolution. Please obtain relevant information from Service provider before configuration of SIP trunks. Panasonic will not be held liable for any information provided in this guidance document. Information used in this document is for interoperability testing. Information and Specifications in this document are subject to change without notice.  Note SIP Registration As per British Telecom procedures, the example configurations use a Global IP Address for authentication. Transfer Function British Telecom does not support REFER transfer method – use CO to CO Transfer. FAX Recommended G.711 Inband codec.  Table of Contents (1) SIP Trunk and Extension Port number configuration: Page 3 (2) Provisioning a SIP trunk: Page 6 (3) Incoming Call Routing: Page 9 (4) Outgoing Call CLI: Page 10 (5) CLIR Outgoing Call (Withholding number): Page 10 (6) SIP Over TCP/IP Page 11 2 (1) SIP Trunk and Extension Port Number Configuration  Note: SIP Trunk Port number for British Telecom must be 5060 therefore SIP Extension ports are reconfigured, in this example to port 15060. Click [1. Slot] Move mouse over [Site Property] and click [Main]. Click [Port Number] tab and change [UDP Port No. for SIP Extension Server] (Default:5060) to other number. (i.e.15060). and click [OK]. 3 Go to [1.Configuration – 1.Slot] Click [Virtual] and move mouse over [V-SIPGW16], and click [Ous]. Click [OK] pop-up window. Move mouse over [V-SIPGW16] again, and click [Shelf Property]. Select [Main] tab and change the two items. [SIP Client Port Number] (Default:35060) to 5060 [NAT – Traversal] Fixed IP Addr. [NAT – Fixed Global IP] (Enter your actual Global IP address) and click [OK]. Move mouse over [V-SIPGW16] again, and click [Ins]. *Note: Save the System data and Restart the PBX after making these port changes. 4 Port Forwarding For External router setup, configure Port Forwarding on the router as follows: udp port 5060 – to NS LAN IP address (e.g. udp port range 16000-16511 (RTP) – to NS DSP1 LAN IP address ( For larger installations where additional DSP resources are installed: udp port range 16512-17023 (RTP) – to NS DSP2 LAN IP address ( udp port range 17024-17535 (RTP) – to NS DSP3 LAN IP address ( udp port range 17536-18047 (RTP) – to NS DSP4 LAN IP address ( IMPORTANT! To secure the PBX from illegal attacks, please restrict the above port forwarding ports to only be accessible from the British Telecom source IP addresses. 5 (2) Provisioning the SIP Trunk SIP Trunk – Port Property Move mouse over [V-SIPGW16] and click [Ous] and Select [Port Property] SIP Trunk – Port Property continued [Main] Tab 1. Channel Attribute: Basic Channel 2. Provider Name: Enter a name – reference only 3. SIP Server Location – Name: Not required 4. SIP Server Location – IP Address: – (British Telecom provided) 5. SIP Server IP for Failover: – (British Telecom provided) 6. SIP Server port Number: Leave at 5060 7. SIP Service Domain: Not required 8. Subscriber Number: Not required 6 SIP Trunk – Port Property continued [Ac

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