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6-440.2 November, 1997 WIRING DIAGRAMS Models PV/BV gas-fired unit heaters (manufactured after April, 1994) Diagram Selection Abbreviations and Symbols Diagrams are provided for both single- and three-phase circuits, and are readily identified in the Selection Table on the following To facilitate interpretation and enable simplification the page. The Selection Table enables easy selection of the correct abbreviations and symbols have been selected as wiring diagram after the electrical components of the unit heater recommended by ANSI (American National Standards have been determined. The control codes are listed to aid in Institute) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers locating the correct diagram. Association) standards. XFMR or TR Transformer V Volts Diagram Interchangeability Hz Cycle or Hertz The following gas-fired unit heater wiring diagrams are for either φ Phase 115-volt, 60-Hertz, single-phase power, or for 230-volt, 575-volt, 60 Hertz, three-phase electrical service. LC Limit Control THERM or TH Thermostat The 115v/60Hz/1φ diagrams may also be utilized for MV Main Valve 230v/60Hz/1φ by substituting 230-volt components in the 115- volt shown. PV Pilot Valve SO Shut Off The 230v/60Hz/3φ diagrams may be modified to 460v/60Hz/3φ RC Relay Contact or Coil by adding a 460v to 230v step down transformer and wiring the G Ground unit as shown in the wiring “inset” on all 3-phase wiring diagrams. H Hot SW Switch The 460v/60Hz/3φ diagrams may be modified to 575v/60Hz/3φ EPS Electric Pilot Switch by adding a 575v to 230v transformer and wiring the unit as shown in the wiring “inset” on all 3 phase diagrams. HI High Lo Low NOTE: As indicated in every diagram, all wiring must comply C Common with the national electrical code and all local codes. All “J” Box Junction Box components must agree with their respective power source. H1, H2, etc. Transformer Primary Terminals SUM Summer Contact (Summer/Winter ! CAUTION WIN Switch) Winter Contact (Summer/Winter Turn off all power and gas to unit before wiring. Failure to Switch) wire this unit according to the specified wiring diagram may S-W Summer/Winter Switch result in injury to the installer or user. For deviations, contact factory. O.L.C. Overload Contact C.S. Power Venter Centrifugal Switch FTc Fan Timer Contact SPDT Single-Pole Double-Throw Switch VA Volt-Ampere

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