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General Catalogue 2013/2014 Omnia, sure to be safe Omnia has renewed its catalogue graphics and contents, bringing together the different lines of products in a single tool that facilitates consultation and makes it more immediate. We present a line of products that will meet the different needs of dentists, surgical staff and patients. A range of products that, over the years, is becoming increasingly wider and more complete: Surgical Line, consisting of surgical aspirators, irrigation sets, drapes, accessories and procedure kits for oral surgery. Safety Line, a line of high quality disposable covers aimed at preventing cross-contamination. Operation theater accessories, a range of furniture that represent an elegant solution for every Accessories Operating Theatre dental practice. Essential Line, a new line of drapes made of nonwoven fabric that includes both patient EssentiaLLine and surface drapes. Essential Line combines the effective barrier effect with a high state of comfort at a very by Omnia competitive price. The new sets and oral surgery accessories, complete its range. The result of the continuous efforts and search for improvement led Omnia to gain a leadership role in the market of disposables not only nationally but also internationally, nowadays it is in fact present in more than 40 countries around the world. We design innovative quality solutions to offer our customers the most effective responses to their daily needs in the field of dentistry. With Omnia sure to be safe Table of Contents Operator Sterile Protection 8 SMS Microfibre Surgical Gowns 9 Softesse® Surgical Gowns 10 Fluid-Repellent Non-Woven Fabric Surgical Gowns 11 Surgical Caps 12 Surgical Face Masks 14 Surgical Gloves 15 Dressing Sets and Kits for Implantology 16 Operator Set - Setope 17 Assistant Set - Setass 17 Patient Set - Setpaz 17 Operator Kit - Kitope 18 Assistant Kit - Kitass 18 Oral Surgery Set - Setris 18 Procedure Kits for Implantology 19 Basic Implant Set 19 Implantology Set 20 Oral Surgery Set - Drape with adhesive U-Shaped 20 Oral Surgery Set - Adhesive Hole Surgical Drape 21 Oral Surgery Set - No panic drape 22 Parodontalset 23 Dentset 23 Surgical Drapes 26 Standard Surgical Drapes 27 Covers for Trolleys and Mayo Tables 28 Surgical Drapes with Adhesive Side 28 Surgical Drapes with Adhesive Hole 29 Surgical Drapes with Off-Centered Adhesive Hole 29 Mono Drapes for Advanced Oral Surgery 30 Surgical Drapes with Adhesive U-Shaped 31 Table of Contents Surgical Line Oral Irrigation Kits 32 Mechanical Irrigation Kits: Physiodispenser and Piezoelectric Surgery 33 Manual Irrigation Kits 35 Mechanical and Manual Irrigation Accessories 36 Aspirators and Bone Traps 38 Complete Surgical Aspirators 39 Safety Line Aspiration Systems 40 Bone Traps 40 Aspiration Systems equipped with Bone Trap 41 Surgical Aspiration Tubes without Suction Tip 41 Suction Tips 42 Adaptors 42 Omnivac - Body Fluid Collection System 43 Surgical Sutures 44 Operating

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