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Mythware Language Lab Mythware Language Lab is a comprehensive digital language lab software which can be used for the training of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Assisted by such tool, the teacher can deliver the language teaching to the class smoothly and intriguingly. With the interface that is simple and straight-forward, the software is easy to learn and to operate. 【Key Features】 ◎ Broadcast Teaching ◎ External Device Live Show ◎ Oral Training ◎ Speak/Intercom/Voice Chat ◎ Visual Communication ◎ Voice Monitor/ Record ◎ Simultaneous Interpretation ◎ Conference Call ◎ Test on Answer Sheet ◎ Quiz/Survey/Oral Exam ◎ Quick Response/Competition ◎ Group Teaching ◎ Group/Topic Chat Mythware Language Lab employs the breakthrough ◎ Student Demonstration technology of software and hardware integration and is equipped with advantages of the both. Specifically, it ◎ Monitor & Control does not only possess the advantages of good sound ◎ Voice Device Detection quality, minimized delay and high transmission ◎ Multi-Channel Net Movie efficiency as hardware language lab, but also costs less and can be maintained easily as software language lab. ◎ Policy Control Strong compatibility and stability of Mythware Language ◎ Message/Event Lab enables working together with other software and ◎ Distribute/Collect/Submit long teaching process. Based on computers, Mythware Language Lab enables a richer multi-media teaching in File an interactive way. The classroom equipped with ◎ Remote Command/Setting Language Lab and its powerful management functions can also be served as the computer room to realize ◎ Call/ Hand up/Request Help sufficient use. ◎ Media on Command ◎ Sign In/Out Benefits of Language Lab “Learning a new language can be difficult and it requires a lot of time to practice. Mythware Language Lab encourages the interaction between the teacher and students, which will make the practice easier and more efficient.” Interactive Teaching & Learning Practical Oral Training Mythware Language Lab is designed to Practice makes perfect. For language help teachers to deliver the language learning, you need plenty of oral practice. learning to the class actively with more With Language Lab, teachers can teacher-students interaction. With the conduct oral training, speaking, intercom various functions such as Screen and interpretation with students. When Broadcast, Voice Broadcast and Net Movie, students participate in those activities, this system helps students to be better they practice speaking all the time. involved in learning and more responsive. Powerful Assessment Effective Class Management Mythware Language Lab has a set of Language lab helps to make the class practical features that allow teachers to management much easier. Teachers can assess students’ learning outcomes by oral check class attendance, monitor and exam an

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