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High Speed Cable Design Guide FEBRUARY 2014 Complete High Speed Cable Solutions In-house Connector and Cable Manufacturing Conductor, Shield and Jacket Fabrication Samtec is fully vertically integrated, offering both sides of the solution– connectors and cable assemblies. Our in-house capabilities include: • Quick-turn design and manufacture of high speed board mount connectors • High speed coax and twinax cables • Active optic solutions This vertical integration allows for the ultimate combination of design flexibility and customer service. • Shorter, controlled lead times • Highest quality product • Optimized performance • In-house impedance controlled PCB design and processing • Unparalleled pricing and delivery For details on custom cable assemblies visit www.samtec.com/custom-cable or email HDRgroup@samtec.com. CNC Twinax Cable Precision Stamping and Forming Manufacturing Barrel, Strip and Plastic Plating 2 Signal Integrity Group In addition to the quick-turn manufacturing and delivery of standard systems, Samtec also provides sophisticated design, Eye Speed® Micro Coax Cable Systems 8-9 engineering and development support for the most difficult signal integrity challenges via our highly qualified in-house staff of signal integrity engineers. • Interpret test data and performance results • PCB layout, trace and routing assistance • Connector ground pin assignment and assistance SIGNAL Eye Speed® and AcceleRate™ Twinax Cable Systems 10-11 • Extensive modeling, simulation and INTEGRITY testing capabilities GROUP • De-embedding capabilities For more information visit www.samtec.com/signalintegrity or email sig@samtec.com. Shield Comparison Testing Future-Proof Systems Eye Pattern Analysis 12-13 High Speed I/O and Active Optical Cable Systems 14-15 Personal SI Support Micro Coax and Twinax Cable Specifications 16-17 Original RF Solutions / 50Ω and 75Ω RF Cable Systems 18-19 RF Cable Specifications 20-21 Final Inch Physical ® and Electrical Models Signal Integrity Solutions 22-23 ® fina l i nch.com 7 RF & Microwave High Speed I/O Board-to-Board Card-to-Card Optical & I/O Micro Coax Cables ® • Eye Speed® high speed micro coax cable with serve shield • 50Ω and 75Ω impedance ® • AcceleRate™ 30 AWG high speed micro coax cable coming soon • Ability to mix-and-match end options for application spec

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