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3D Seismic Forward Full-Wave Modelling in Tesseral Pro (version 4.1.0) 1 Brief history of Tesseral Technologies Inc.  Tesseral Technologies Inc. was founded in Canada (Calgary) in 1997 and since 2009 it has been a part of TETRALE Technologies Group, a Holding Company for Tesseral Technologies and TetraSeis.  Main Office The main office is located in Calgary, Canada - where we provide software development, support, consultation and distribution.  Company branches: Ukraine (Kiev) - we provide software development, support, consulting, processing, and distribution. China (Beijing) - we provide software support and distribution.  Product Research and Development work is conducted in Calgary Canada and in Kiev Ukraine, under the guidance of the intergovernmental organization - Scientific and Technical Center of Ukraine.  Tesseral and TestraSeis has been allocated federal grants by the National Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Agency of the International Development for its engagement in the development of leading edge technology. 2 Brief history of Tesseral Technologies Inc.  Tesseral Technologies Inc. is a recognized global leader in full-wave seismic modeling.  For 15 years, over a hundred geoscientists in 20 countries worldwide have been using Tesseral 2D PRO software package. (www.tesseral-geo.com)  Apart from software development and sales, Tesseral Technologies Inc. also provides services for 2D/3D seismic full-wave modeling. 3 Brief history of Tesseral Technologies Inc. The use of full-wave seismic modeling makes it possible to efficiently solve tasks in the following areas: I. When planning a seismic survey:  1. Pre-determining the list of processing procedures (before field operations).  2. Determine shooting parameters necessary for solving the geological task (fold, total recording time, offset, sampling rate, etc.).  4. Determine the extent to which a low-velocity zone (e.g. weathering zone) affects the wavefield propagation.  5. Assess the AVO-effect in the case of a thin-layered anisotropic absorbing medium with non-planar interfaces.  6. Evaluate the illumination of targets for a seismic survey. 4 Brief history of Tesseral Technologies Inc. IІ. In seismic data processing:  1. To create a reference data set with which to investigate the efficiency of data processing procedures.  2. To separate useful reflections and noise.  3. To assess the effect that fracture parameters have on wave field propagation in anisotropic models (e.g. HTI, VTI, orthorhombic etc.).  4. Assess the capability of determining the fracture parameters using compressional and mode-converted waves. 5 Brief history of Tesseral Technologies Inc. ІIІ. In the interpretation of seismic data:  1. To verify the results of interpretation.  2. Distinguish primary reflections and multiples.  3. Determine how the rock properties of the producing formation affect the wavefield propagation. V. When teaching students:  1. Demonstrate the properties of the seismic wavefield and the process of its propagation in the subsurface.  2. To familiarize students with geophysical problem solving in the oil and gas, mining and geotechnical industries. 6 Tesseral 2D vs Tesseral Pro Possibilities in geo-modelling software ®Tesseral Tesseral 2D Tesseral Pro 2D Model Building √ √ 2D Ray tracing √ √ 3D Ray tracing √ Wave equation: (Scalar, Acoustic, Elastic Anisotropic, Visco-elastic) √ √ Output data: synthetic seismograms, wave field propagation snapshots, time fields. √ √ 3D survey design (including 3D VSP) √ 3D model building from .grd files and well logs √ 2D seismic viewer and analysis √ √ 3D seismic viewer and

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