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CIRCUMFERENCE AND AREA OF A CIRCLE ASSIGNMENT - 1 1. AC and BD are two perpendicu- 8. AC and BD are two perpen- lar diameters of a circle with dicular diameters of a circle centre O. If AC = 16 cm, calcu- ABCD. Given that the area of late the area and perimeter of the the shaded portion in 308 cm2, shaded part. (Take = 3.14) calculate : (i) the length of AC, and (ii) the circumference of the FG 22 IJ 2. In the given figure, find the area of the unshaded portion H circle. Take   7 K within the rectangle. (Take = 3.14) 9. PS is a diameter of a circle of radius 6 cm. Q and R are points on the diameter such that PQ, QR and RS are equal. Semi- circles are drawn with PQ and QS as diameters, as shown in 3. In an equilateral triangle ABC of side 14 cm, side BC is the figure. Find the perimeter of the diameter of a semi-circle as shown in the figure. Find the shaded region. [ = 3.14] 22 the area of the shaded region. (Take = and 10. In the given figure, the area en- 7 closed between the two concentric 3 = 1.732) circles is 770 cm2. If the radius of the outer circle is 21 cm, calculate the radius of the inner circle. 11. Calculate the area of the shaded region. The quadrants shown in the figure are each of radius 7 cm. 22 [Take   ] 4. In the given figure, AB is the diam- 7 eter of a circle with centre O and OA = 7 cm. Find the area of the 12. The figure shows a running track surrounding a grassed shaded region. enclosure PQRSTU. The enclosure consists of rectangle PQST with a semi-circular region at each end. PQ = 200 m and PT = 70 m. 5. A rectangular playground has two semicircles added to its outside with its smaller sides as diameters. If the sides of the rectangle are 120 m and 21 m, find the area of the playground. ( = 22/7) 6. In the given figure, OACB is a quadrant of a circle. The radius OA = 3.5 cm., OD = 2 cm. Calculate the area of the (i) Calculate the area of the grassed enclosure in m2. shaded portion. (ii) Given that the track is of constant width 7 m, 7. A sheet is 11 cm long and 2 cm wide. Circular pieces calculate the outer perimeter ABCDEF of the track. 0.5 cm in diameter are cut from it to prepare discs. 22 Calculate the number of discs that can be prepared. (Take to be ) 7 1 13. The wheel of a cart is making 5 revolutions per second. If bucket ascends in 1 minute 28 seconds w

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