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THE BHARAT SCOUTS & GUIDES, NATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE, PACHMARHI { M.P. } – 461881 Ph. No. 07578 – 252026 (O), 252153 (R), Fax No. 07578 – 252541 - E-Mail ddglt@bsgindia.org, bsgntcgw@gmail.com Circular No. 40 / 2016-17 / 4922-25 Dated : 16th Feb, 2016 To, All the State Secretaries, State Associations of Bharat Scouts & Guides Indian Union Sub : Himalaya Wood Badge Courses for Bulbul / Guide / Ranger section Ref : BSG/NHQ/DDBP/4663/2015-16 dated 13.02.2016 received on 15.02.2016. Sir / Madam, The Himalaya Wood Badge (G.W.) Courses are going to held at Bharat Scouts & Guides, National Training Centre, Pachmarhi as per the approval of Director, Bharat Scouts & Guides, National Headquarters. The details are as under : 1 Name of the 1. Himalaya Wood Badge Course (Bulbul). Course 2. Himalaya Wood Badge Course (Guide). 3. Himalaya Wood Badge Course (Ranger). 2 Dates 11.05.2016 to 17.05.2016 (Seven Days). 3 Venue The Bharat Scouts & Guides, National Training Centre, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh-461881 4 How to Pachmarhi is located on the Mumbai Jabalpur route (Between Itarsi Reach and Jabalpur Rly. Station). Pipariya is the nearest Railway station from Pachmarhi. The distance from Pipariya to Pachmarhi is 56 k.m. Buses / taxies are available from Pipariya to Pachmarhi. 5 Reporting Evening of 10.05.2016 or on 11.05.2016 before 09.00 AM. 6 Departure 17.05.2016 : After noon. 7 Fee Dev. Fee. Rs. 200/- + Special Fee Rs. 80/- = Total Rs. 280/-. 8 Financial Participants have to bear their own travelling expenses. NTC will Assistance provide free hospitality only. 9 Eligibility A Guider should complete the following condition: 1. Should work at least for 12 months after the completion of the Advanced course successfully. 2. Should successfully complete the Training Study issued by NTC through STC(G). 3. A Guider should have atleast  Two Swarn Pankh Bulbuls  Four Tritiya Sopan Guides  Two Rajya Puruskar / Nipun Rangers as the case may be and submit a certificate from District Organising Commissioner (G)/District Training Commissioner (G). Continue to Page 2 Page 2. 10 What to Each participant must bring two sets of correct and complete Uniform Bring as per APRO Part III. Usual camp kit - Plate and Mug, Bedding, Water Bottle, Torch, Toilet requisites, Knotting rope 3 Meters, 200 page Notebook, reference books, Sketch Pens/Marker Pens, White Board Pens, Chart paper etc. Please bring Briefcase/Suitcase for safety of materials from monkeys. th 11 Last Date 10 April, 2016 12 Quota 04 in each section. If any state needs more quota, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned well in advance. Applications of candidates duly recommended and photocopies of certificates should reach NTC on or before 10th April, 2016 along with the Recommendation Form for issue of HWB Parchment. LATE COMERS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Participants bringing application by hand will not be admitted. No candidate will proceed to NTC, Pachmarhi for the course unless and until she receives the Final Information letter issued from NTC, Pachmarhi. We solicit your co-operation. Thanking you. Yours in Sincerely, ( M. N. Machamma ) Dy. Director Guide (Ldr. Trg.) Encl.: Application Form. Copy to : 1. All the NHQ office Bearers. 2. All Assistant Directors – to ensure participation from your Region. 3. The State Trg. Commissioner (G) – for deputing the candidates. 4. Public Relation Officer. THE BHARAT SCOUTS & GUIDES, NATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE, PACHMARHI { M.P. } – 461881 Ph. No. 07578 – 252026 (O), 252153 (R), Fax No. 07578 – 252541 - E-Mail ddglt@bsgindia.org, bsgntcgw@gmail.com APPLICATION FOR H. W. B. COURSE ( Bul

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