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Flygt N-Pumps 3085, 3102 & 3127 For reliable and efficient wastewater handling The Concept Flygt N-Pump series Reduced pumping efficiency, high energy and main­tenance costs shouldn’t be a fact of life in wastewater handling. The submersible Flygt N-Pump series from ITT Water & Wastewater features a radical hydraulic end design which ensures efficient, reliable and trouble-free pumping over long duty periods. The result: improved operational economy which dramatically reduces the total life cost of your installation. The highest efficiency values for a typical single-vane pump in a best-specific speed range are around 70%. By comparison, Flygt N-Pumps deliver 80% or better – equating to 15% less power consumption. And Flygt N-Pumps maintain this efficiency even in fluids with a high solids and fibrous content thanks to a unique semi-open self cleaning impeller. This is complemented by a special relief groove in the volute. The self-cleaning flow path through the pump greatly reduces the risk of clogging, even under the worst conditions. Methods of installation NS NP NT NZ NL A semi-permanent, For semi-permanent A vertically-mounted, A horizontally-mounted, The semi-permanent free-standing wet well installations. permanent dry well or permanent dry well or installation of a pump installation. The pump is installed in-line installation with in-line installation with within a vertical steel Transportable version with twin guide flange connections for flange connections for or concrete column with pipe or hose bars on a discharge suction and discharge suction and discharge (not available for the connection. connection. pipe work. pipe work. 3085). 2 T 0294-457712 F 0294-457713 info@pompdirect.nl The Range Pumping capacities up to 100 l/s, 1600 gpm Thanks to the self-cleaning advantages of the ■ Wastewater ■ Raw water impeller and volute design, Flygt N-Pumps offer new ■ Cooling water ■ Sludge possibilities for cost-effective operation in a wide variety of applications. These include pumping: ■ Storm water ■ Industrial effluent Head N-Pump general performance range     ft m 50 100 30 20 50 10 3102 20 3085 3127 5 10 2 5 Q 10 20 50 100 200 l/s 200 500 1,000 2,000 USgpm Demonstrating the pumping performance of the Flygt N-Pump series Flygt N-pumps Model 3085 3102 3127 Choosing the optimum pump is further simplified Rating 50 Hz, 1.3 kW, 2 kW 50 Hz, 3.1 kW, 4,2 kW 50 Hz, 4.7 kW, 5.9 kW through the use of 60 Hz, 2.2 hp, 3 hp 60 Hz, 5 hp, 6 hp 60 Hz, 7.5 hp, 10 hp WebFLYPS, ITT Water & Wastewater’s dedicated Discharge 80 mm/3” 80 mm/3” 100 mm/4” pump selection software. 100 mm/4” 150 mm/6” 150 mm/6” 3 T 0294-457712 F 0294-457713 info@pompdirect.nl The design Product quality means attention to details Motor

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