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Semiconductor Lasers for High Bit Rate Optical Communication Networks R. Paoletti, R&D manager TTC- TTC- Avago Technologies Italy, Via Schiaparelli 12, 10148 Torino, ITALY ITALY Pavia, 22/06/2009 Semiconductor Lasers for High Bit Rate Optical Communication Networks Abstract • Internet and intranet data traffic constantly increased during last years, and the consequent band demand is pushing research and development of high speed optical modules operating at 17 Gb/s (Fiber Channel applications, FC) and 40 / 100Gb/s (Gigabit Ethernet, GbE). Main requirements of such a transmitters are high performances, reliability, power consumption and manufacturability. Talk will reports semiconductor laser sources suitable for such demanding applications, underlying the key technologies, and benchmarking the results proposed by the world’s most important research centers. Roberto Paoletti (M’97) Roberto Paoletti was born in Vado Ligure (Savona), Italy, in 1966. He received the laurea degree in Electronic Engineer from the University of Genova in 1991, and the Ph. D. degree in Electronic at the Electronic Department of Politecnico of Turin, Italy, in 1995, studying high frequency characterization, modeling and equivalent circuits of high speed semiconductor lasers and packages. In 1995 he joined the former CSELT, Torino, Italy, then TTC Agilent technologies and now Avago technologies, Italy. In the last years he has been responsible of research projects on new laser devices, and mainly involved in design, characterization and reliability of high speed optoelectronic devices. He is author and co-author of more than 50 papers, 5 patents and a book on high frequency modeling and characterization of semiconductor laser sources, as well as reviewer for technical journals. Mr. Paoletti is a member of the IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society. Roberto Paoletti, Pavia Page 2 22 June, 2009 Outline • Avago: company overview • Laser sources for “pluggable transceiver world” Roberto Paoletti, Pavia Page 3 22 June, 2009 Avago History December 1, 2005 Avago spin off ~ 6500 employees Semiconductor November 1, 1999 components 1939 Agilent spin-off Hewlett Packard ~40000 employees T&M, Life science, Foundation (T&M) semiconductor components • Test & Measurement • Life science • Semiconductor components T&M, Life science • Computers/imaging… ~80000 employees Computers, printers, imaging, … Acquisition of TTC former optoelectronic technology division of CSELT R&D Corporate Center of STET (now Telecom) Roberto Paoletti, Pavia Page 4 22 June, 2009 Product leadership in target markets Roberto Paoletti, Pavia Page 5 22 June, 2009 Leading in Technology Innovation  40-years heritage of innovation and technology leadership  Over 2,000 patent and patent applications  Over 1,000 design engineers Roberto Paoletti, Pavia Page 6 22 June, 2009 Fiber Optic Products Division Technical Edge: Innovation History and Expertise Strategic Partner of Choice World’s 1st production transceiver 1978 1st to market with VCSEL transceivers 1996 1st OC-48 part (2x9 SC Duplex) 1998 Fl

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