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PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION SCALE Dear Director, This documentation list was compiled to help you prepare for your upcoming Program Administration Scale (PAS) visit. The list includes each of the 25 items in the PAS and the indicator strands/rows (e.g., 1.1, 3.1, 5.1, and 7.1) that comprise each item and require documentation. The corresponding criteria associated with each indicator strand describe the evidence that is needed to demonstrate that the criteria are met. Read through the list of documentation noted on each page and compile those items that you have on hand that will provide evidence that the criteria for each indicator strand are met. Don’t feel limited by the items just on this list. You may have other kinds of documentation that would be suitable. Put a  in the corresponding box if you feel you have evidence that the criteria are met. Don’t worry if you have many boxes without check marks. The purpose of the PAS is to help inform administrators of the different criteria associated with high-quality administrative practices. Many good programs still have boxes unchecked. Documentation List PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION SCALE 1. Staff Orientation Indicator Theme Criteria Possible Documentation Strand 1 Orientation policy Evidence that during orientation the employee - orientation checklist receives: - orientation policy and  job description procedures  employee handbook - job descriptions  parent handbook - employee handbook  personnel policies - parent handbook - personnel policy Evidence of: - feedback form/notebook, orientation checklist, memo,  supervisor feedback during the introductory or supervisor notes probationary period Evidence that:  prior to assuming responsibilities teaching, staff observe in their assigned classroom and meet children and coworkers 2 Orientation Evidence of: - orientation policies and procedures procedures  written orientation procedures - orientation checklist  timeframe for the orientation process - employee handbook  activities to occur during orientation - meeting minutes  personnel involved in the orientation process - orientation procedures with  specific employment forms required during evidence of review orientation  specific written policies and procedures to be provided to new staff  review of written orientation procedures 3 Orientation process Evidence that: - orientation policy and procedures  orientation is consistently implemented

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