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岩通総合表1表4 00.9.29 11:17 AM ページ 1 TEST & MEASURING INSTRUMENTS p01-p26 00.9.28 2:06 PM ページ 1 HISTORY OF IWATSU TEST & MEASUREMENT Targeting tomorrow’s electronics At IWATSU, our focus is always on the future. With the relentless pace of development in the electronics industry, success demands innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to research and development. Building on our solid base of accumulated basic research, we are expanding our cutting-edge R&D with high technology both domestically and overseas. In addition to communication equipment such as telephones, we manufacture a wide range of electronic equipment and systems — from electronic measuring instruments such as oscilloscopes to electronic offset- plate making machines for printing and a variety of 1987 The SS-6521 introduced as the world’s highest bandwidth business machines. portable oscilloscope. 1989 Japan’s first logic analyzer (SL-4640/4641) with a high- speed 400-MHz clock introduced (the fastest at that time). 1954 IWATSU’s first oscilloscope, the first made in Japan, 1992 Japan’s first logic analyzer (SL-4650/4651) with a high- delivered to the Technical Institute of the Self-Defense speed 1GHz clock (the fastest at that time) introduced. Agency. Super storage scope with a 400 MHz bandwidth and a super high speed of 10 div/ns (TS-8421/8422) introduced. 1960 IWATSU’s first electronic counter and data logger Dynamic IWATSU exhibition held (at 7 locations in Japan) introduced. 1993 The exhibition and business conference center opened in 1961 IWATSU’s first CRT (cathode ray tube) designed and Tokyo metropolitan area (Shinjuku). manufactured. Agreement with Lecroy Japan for sales partnership. 1962 IWATSU started to design and manufacture the proprietary 1994 40th anniversary of the introduction of oscilloscopes. IC (integrated circuit). 4 analog oscilloscope models — the SS-7800 series— (20 MHz – 100 MHz) introduced. 1969 IWATSU started to design and manufacture the Hybrid IC. 1995 Fukushima Iwatsu Co. Ltd. — a major electronic 1970 The SS-4100 oscilloscope designed with IC technology measuring instrument manufacturing plant — certified and introduced to the market. ISO9002 certificate (July). ISO9002 certificate (August). SD-1000 ATM tester and SD-70 PHS field tester for 1971 The VOAC-77 introduced as the first Japanese-made communication systems introduced. handheld digital multimeter. 1998 TS-8500 analog oscilloscope introduced. 1972 IWATSU introduced the SM-1300 data processing instrument. 1974 The LS-6211 introduced as the first Japanese-made logic analyzer. 1975 The world’s fastest digitizer DM-901 featuring a 100MS/s clock rate introduced to the market. 1979 The MA-1008 introduced as the first Japanese-made emulator. 1980 The world’s fastest storage oscilloscope TS-8121 featuring a 3,000 cm/µs writing speed introduced. 1984 The optical test and measurement instruments SA-9601 and the SA-9602 introduced. IWATSU awarded by the Science and Technology Agency for developing the innovative scan converter tube. Headquarters office 1 p01-p26 00.9.28 2:06

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