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Start Here The Guide to Building and Growing Your Direct Selling Company Fourth Edition ©2016 Sylvina Consulting www.sylvina.com (503) 244-8787 Copyright Notice The following material has been published and copyrighted by Sylvina Consulting, 7410 SW Oleson Road, Suite 102, Portland, OR 97223. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any form by any electronic or mechanical means (including photocopying, recording, scanning or information storage and retrieval) without permission in writing from the publisher. Sylvina Consulting Sylvina Consulting provides business development consulting, compensation plan design, software advisory services and more to party plan and network marketing companies. We have 30 years of experience in working with more than 500 direct selling companies, including clients at the concept stage, companies in development, young businesses, and established multinational firms. Sylvina Consulting develops, reviews and improves  Compensation Plans  Founder Programs  Hostess Rewards Programs  Sales Force Surveys  Fast Start Programs  Brochures and Catalogs  Recognition, Awards, Incentives  Business Plans  Key Operating Indicators  Pilot Programs  Website Design and Content  Budgets  Policies and Procedures  Marketing Plans  Starter Kits  Strategic and Operational Plans  Forms  Training Materials We also provide:  Product & Service Appraisals  Executive Search  Industry Training  Competitor Analysis  Assistance on Acquisitions  Expert Witness  Business Performance Evaluations For direct selling companies with technology needs, Sylvina performs:  Business Requirements Analysis  Software and Vendor Evaluation  Software Design  Data Migration  Implementation Project Management Contact us at 503.244.8787 or visit www.sylvina.com for more information. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ©2016 Sylvina Consulting i 503.244.8787 Author Biographies Jay Leisner President, Sylvina Consulting jay@sylvina.com Jay Leisner is a top compensation plan and direct selling expert, a trusted adviser to new and established network marketing and party plan companies. As the president of Sylvina Consulting, Jay brings 30 years of unparalleled business experience and success to the direct selling industry, having assessed and improved hundreds of party plan and network marketing companies across the globe. His company, Sylvina Consulting, has provided business development consulting, compensation plan design, and software implementation assistance to direct selling companies since 1999. More than just a compensation plan expert, Jay advises Sylvina clients in all areas of their businesses. Before offering advice or solutions, he asks important questions to understand each client's specific concerns and goals. Previous to launching Sylvina Consulting, Jay worked for 13 years with a major direct selling software provider as a software developer, project leader and business analyst to provide both startups and existing companies, in the USA and abroad, with customized software solutions to meet the requirements of their businesses. Along the way while helping them, Jay learned the secrets of successful direct selling companies. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Jay's decision to start Sylvina Consulting was driven by what he saw as a need in the marketplace for answers, advice, and solutions. His in-depth experience working with major companies and new enterprises, his broad knowledge of this marketing channel, his understanding of many types of businesses, and his passion for helping others have earned Jay the respect and admiration of direct selling companies, peers, and employees alike. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ©2016 Sylvina Consulting ii 503.244.8787 Victoria Dohr Director of Consulting Services, Sylvina Consulting victoria@sylvina.com Before joining Sylvina Consulting in 2005, Victoria Dohr had an impressive 30 year career in sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, and telecommunications. Victoria also had 5 years of direct selling experience as an Independent Mary Kay Consultant. Victoria has been a direct selling business coach at Sylvina Consulting for more than 10 years. Her background gives her a unique perspective that her clients rave about. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands what it takes to build and grow a company. Victoria helps direct selling ow

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