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PANAVIA TORNADO REVIEW In this issue: çItalian MLU çMRCA ç617 Squadron Anniversary çLuftwaffe and Marineflieger Camouflage Schemes çAG-51 at RIAT 2013 çGerman and British Tornado Variants Welcome Welcome to the IPMS detail and hopefully we Panavia Tornado Special will not have to wait too Interest Group Newsletter. long for the decals. This is an abridged digital In the next issue of the version of a magazine that newsletter we will con- was sold at Scale Model tinue to look at the pro- World 2013 to raise mon- totype Tornado. In fact, ey for the Royal British there are some SIG exclu- Legion. sive prototype decals due very soon in the major In this issue, profiles and scales. painting guides are pro- vided for the German Tor- Andy Walker nados and some theories Panavia Tornado SIG Leader are put forward to finding a match for the latest Italian grey scheme. RAF profiles will follow in a future issue, but for now we have a guide on how to paint the smaller details on the RAF Tornado. Two special schemes from the Luftwaffe and the RAF are covered in ç Main Cover Photo: Catalog #: 01_00086566 San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive, Via Flickr Italian Mid Life Update In 2006, to ensure operational nado upgrade programme - called effectiveness of the Italian Tornado IT Full MLU/ RET 8 - is now under fleet until 2025, Alenia Aeronautica way to cover a final batch of 25 IDS completed the first part of the Mid- and ECR aircraft. The aircraft up- Life Upgrade programme called IT grade include several software and MLU First Upgrade /RET 6 contract avionics updates. The new commu- (Retro Enabling Task 6). Under this, nication and identification system new NAV/COM systems and new use the latest standards of secure weapons were integrated onto a communication capacities as well first tranche of 18 Tornado IDS as a data transmission/reception aircraft. capacity via Data-Link (MIDS). The Basic IT Full MLU/ RET 7 The pilot and navigator cockpits contract was the second step of feature new multifunction display the MLU programme and involved suites to reduce crew workload; fifteen Italian Tornado IDS aircraft the navigator cockpit features new (including three dual control train- colour displays that replace mono- ers). RET 7 deliveries were com- chromatic units and the internal pleted during 2012. and external lighting systems are compatible with night vision gog- The third phase of the Italian Tor- gles. The electronic recce capacity of the ECR has also been improved has LINK-16 Datalink markings through new functionalities con- under the cockpit. The key external nected with the threat identification differences for a Tornado MLU are and localization (ELS multi-ship the removal of the conical antenna ranging). on the spine and two UHF aerials on the nose in front of the canopy The new software of the Tornado instead of one. “IT Full MLU” allows the integration of new sensors and avionic sys- Italian Tornados are now paint- tems and enables the use of new ed in an overall Air Superiority weapons such as the Small Diame- Grey Camouflage (FS-36280). ter Bomb (a GPS precision-guided FS-36280 is a difficult colour to glide munition with a unique carbon obtain, as none of the more readily fiber envelope and small wings available manufacturers include which extend after release). and the it in their paint range. The only new AGM-88E Advanced Anti Radi- manufacturer to include FS36320 ation Guided Missile. is Lifecolor (Sky Grey 16 # UA535.) Alternatively, White Ensign Bal- In the photograph, the IDS aircraft tic Dunkelgrau (KM 15) is also a to the rear (MM7072) has been match. through the Full MLU/ RET 8 and Photograph: © J

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