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TANZANIA ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) is an official Government body that is responsible to all matters relating to the safe and peaceful use of atomic energy. TAEC was reconstituted from the National Radiation Commission (NRC) and became into effect under the establishment of the Atomic Energy Act 2003 number 7 on 1st July, 2004. TAEC mandated to:  Provide Regulatory and Radiation Protection Services to workers, patients and the public generally from harm resulting from both ionizing and non ionizing radiation.  Coordinate and monitor all nuclear application in the URT  Promote peaceful use of nuclear technology in the country. 1 Current Activities Currently the Commission is undertaking the following activities:  Coordinates the research and development activities in Atomic Energy and Nuclear Technology in Tanzania. These activities are in the sectors of health, medicine, agriculture, and animal production, industrial and non-destructive tests.  Plays a liaison role on nuclear safeguards and international nuclear regulations and resolutions on behalf of the United Republic of Tanzania.  Develops research framework and capacity building to enhance safe use of Nuclear Technology in the areas of Power Generation, Agricultural Produce and food preservation (irradiation facilities development).  Support application of nuclear technology in diseases control and in particular cancer treatments;  Nuclear and radionuclide monitoring and waste management in Tanzania.  Inspections and regulations of the safe use of nuclear technology including the mining, milling, processing and transportation of Uranium which is to start in about a year or two. Monitoring of Radioactivity Contamination in Foodstuffs & Fertilizers The TAEC controls the import and export of foodstuffs (milk, wheat, meat, fish, etc) across Tanzania borders. The samples are subjected for radio analysis tests. So far all samples analyzed were found to comply with the recommended levels of radioactivity in the IAEA Basic Safety Standard . One of the requirements for importation/exportation of foodstuffs is to obtain a Radioactivity Analysis Certificate for the Commodity intended for export/import. According to the “The Protection from Radiation (control of Radiation Contaminated Foodstuffs) Regulations 1998,  No human or animal foodstuffs shall be imported, exported, cleared through customs or distributed for home consumption unless radioactivity has been performed and Radioactivity Analysis Certificate has been issued accordingly. The Requirements for Obtaining Radioactivity Analysis Certificate are as follows:- 1. All Importers, Exporters (of foodstuffs and related commodities) including Government Departments and NGO’s shall make available to the Commission about 2 1-2 Kgs (or 1-2 liters) samples of the scheduled commodities they wish to import/export. 2. Each submitted sample must be accompanied by dully filled and signed Sample Record Form. Sample Record Forms are available from our Dar es Salaam representative office based at the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, along the Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Kijitonyama (COSTECH, 2nd floor, Room C28 & C29) or from our Head office in Arusha. Sample record forms can also be downloaded from our Website. 3. Radioactivity analysis fees must be paid either through our Dar es Salaam based Office or to the Commission Head Office. These fees are revised from time to time in order to ensure compliance with the regulations and in particular to make them affordable to the wide range of our stakeholders. 4. Certificates issued can be collected either from our Dar Es Salaam based Office or from the Commission head office in Arusha depending on the point of exit/entry for that particular shipment. 5. Our Officers stationed at the entry/exit points i.e. at Dar es Salaam Zonal office, Dar es Salaam Port, Zanzibar office, Sirari, Mtwara, Songea and Namanga border office are always available to assist with sampling, screening of perishables and also to provide relevant information and clarification regarding other requirements for obtaining the Radioactivity Analysis Certificate. 6. Importers/exporters based in Dar Es Salaam, are strongly advised to send samples through an arrangement done by our offices ). Samples deposited at their office in the morning-Afternoon are transported to Arusha during the night and are usually received/ collected from the other end at about 09:00 the following day. 7. Importers/exporters are also permitted under the Regulations to submit to TAEC pre- reshipment samples for Analysis. We highly encourage this procedure because it shortens up the certification process. 8. The

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