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February 15, 1925 15 Cents a Copy .! r F Reg _r IN THIS ISSUE ave ou Met a Volt or Ampere? Special Article by H. V. S. Taylor Building the New Deresnadyne The "A" "B" Charger a . Why the '.' ave engths hange ' How Vacuum Tubes Are Madé d YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THIS MAGAZINE. -AN WILL LIKE IT UBLIS D CE 0 TH -k=k=k-4=( _y-i'l-l-)-)_)-1_)-11")-)- -.)--1_)-1-1-),_)_,_~)~1)_)_)_1_)_)_)_-1_1_)_)_V,)1)_)-)-)-,.1-)-)-.1=)-)- I. I RAD I 4Lt ARATIU S he Gi...iin broadcast eceiver TU E Giblin Radio Frequency Broadcast Receiver makes it possible to obtain ' RÁDIBoEÁR TYPE CI.' 'STANDARD RADIO EEIECTR radio entertainment without the necessity PAwruCNCr R.I IC CO. of erecting outside antenna wires or using a troublesome ground wire. A small, loop aerial placed near the set will pick up sig- -o DETECTOR "A"SWITCH AMPLIFIER nals, which, though they have come long distances, and are weakened by hills, val- leys, trees and buildings, will be clear and of great volume. Many families, living in apartments where it is undesirable or im- possible to erect antenna wires, can now hear enjoyable, ever-changing programs through the day and evening by "listening- in" with a Giblin Radio Frequency Broad- The set comprises two stages of radio frequency ampli- cast Receiver. fication, a detector and three stages of audio frequency amplification. The parts are mounted on a sub -base to which a Bakelite panel is attached. It is enclosed in a handsome solid mahogany cabinet. , r o. + _--- - . k i -11 QUAA1C %t7S

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