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Inspiring Glass Finishes The 2017-2018 collection 3M Architectural Markets Pyrgos 3M glass finishes are state-of-the-art products. The unique designs are in synch with fashionable market trends. Elegance and functionality meet durability. • Long-lasting • Easy to apply • Easy to maintain 2 Chain Mesh Reflect Glass design Glass is an essential design element in the construction of new building. Glass windows stand for transparency and elegance. They deliver natural daylight and visual comfort. In the workplace, glass fosters contact with the outside world – and generates a heightened sense of well-being and boosts productivity. Privacy. Aesthetics. Communication. The extensive 3M Architectural Markets portfolio of creative film finishes for glass opens a world of new possibilities for any design concept. Table of contents Our solutions 4 3M™ Fasara™ Glass Finishes 6 Fabric 8 Nature 10 Stripes 12 Gradations 14 Geometric 16 Frost / Matt 18 Border 20 Prisms and Dots 22 3M™ Scotchcal™ Crystal 7725 24 3M™ Scotchcal™ Crystal 5525 / 5525C 26 3M™ Dichroic Glass Finishes 28 3 Our solutions 3M provides a variety of innovative solutions for contemporary glass design, all of them individually adaptable to customer preferences. In addition to the premium results they deliver the products are easy to handle, quick to apply and can be removed at any time. Durability 3M’s expertise in adhesives ensures fast, safe and durable application to a variety of glass surfaces. Versatility 3M glass finishes are perfectly suited for both interior and outdoor application. The materials are very flexible and easy to apply and they can be removed any time. Cost-effective The application of the Fasara™, Crystal and They achieve the aesthetic effect of etched, Dichroic glass finishes will save you time and cut, textured or sandblasted glass at a fraction money and allow you to complete projects quickly. of the cost. The film can be applied on site without interrupting regular business operations. Applications 3M glass finishes have an almost unlimited range of applications: • Shopping malls, showrooms, shop construction and shop design • Banking, insurance and consulting and agencies • Hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars • Municipal facilities, schools, hospitals and medical offices • Wellness facilities and spas 3M glass finishes can be applied to glass doors or partitions, office windows and mirrors, in conference rooms, lobbies and stairwells. 4 Vega 5 Unlimited variety Buckram Pearl + Gray 6 3M™ Fasara™ Glass finishes The 3M™ Fasara™ glass design series is made from premium polyester film. It is perfect to create privacy and decorative screens. The series is available in 96 innovative designs. This is a hassle-free and individual way to optimise interiors or work environments in style. The film is not only there for visual effect. It enhances safety since it holds together breaking glass and reduces UV radiation up to 99%. Product properties • Premium, durable polyester film • Pressure-sensitive acrylate adhesive • Film thickness 0.075 mm to 0.153 mm • Fire safety certification • Measurements: 1.27 m x 30 m

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