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TRUCK & BUS TIRES TRUCK - BUS TIRES TRUCK & BUS TIRES DESCRIPTION * For load capacity on various speeds, and inflation figures, please consult your sales representative. ** Load capacity on standard speed and weight. • Our company is entitled to make any change on any information in this catalogue, without further notice. • This catalogue annuls all the previous catalogues. • All figures are for reference; our company is not responsible for printing errors. 2 RANGE OF TBR TIRES LONG HAUL GH 100 GH 105 GH 110 DH 100 LZ 300 LH 100 REGIONAL GZ 300 DZ 300 LZ 305 MIXED SERVICE (ON - OFF) GC 700 DC 700 LC 700 OFF ROAD DM 905 URBAN GU 500 GUW 550 DUW 550 4 GH 100 GH100, desigened for trucks and buses and suitable for axle; offers balanced driving, perfect comfort and supreme maneuvrability on highway. Resistant against irregular wear. Long life and ultimate grip with durable structure and special pattern. Safe brake distance with zigzag grooves, even when worn. Fit for retreading many times with ultimate carcass structure. EU LABEL ALL SIZES Avarage values from all size, on this specifc model C 295/80 R22.5 152/148 M A 315/80 R22.5 154/150 M (156/150L) 72 db PATTERN PROPERTIES It offers excellent grip and short Optimised tread design braking distance with numerous resistance against irregular sipes and Z-shaped circumferential wear by balancing the blocks. pressure equally under load. Special tread compound Circumferential Computer designed and robust structure provide tire profile and block longevity and economic fuel grooves drain consumption. water quickly arrays offer safe and and efficiently. balanced driving. Excellent carcass structure is suitable for retreading many times. POSITION / APPLICATION 6 LONG HAUL GH 105 It is a steer tire specially been de- velopped for trucks. With its spe- cific tread pattern and durability, it ehnace the longlivity and awesome handling. Special front axle tire for trucks and busses. Balanced drive, amazing comfort, ultimate grip and maneuverability on asphalt surfaces. Resistant against irregular wear with equal pressure distribution thanks to its optimized pattern profile SIZE 12 R22.5 152/148 M PATTERN PROPERTIES Wide shoulder Medium density Optimised tread design blocks provide sipec provide resistance against irregular lateral balance superior handling wear by balancing the and enhance a and short brake pressure equally under load. smooth driving. distance. Indented side blocks Special tread compound Circumferential and robust structure grooves drain provide safe brake provide longevity and water quickly distance even if the economic fuel consumption. and efficiently. tire is worn. Excellent carcass

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